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So you’re getting married, congratulations! Now, you do realize the list of things to do is longer than your freakin’ arm, right?

You’ve got to find somewhere to get married, a reception venue, buy a dress, hire a suit, and a band, and a car, arrange food and drink, decorations, wedding favors, choose your color scheme, pick some music, get a cake…

Aha, cake! Surely the only freakin’ fun part! Make sure you get some of the good stuff too, don’t give it all away to your guests in doggy bags!

How do you make sure your cake is really something everyone will remember? With a cake topper of course, little figures representing the bride and groom that stand on top of your cake.

But to make sure everybody REALLY remembers that cake, get yourself some fun personalized cake toppers like THESE below!

They’re just some of our favorites, and we think you’ll agree that their wacky designs are great!

1. When you meet the right man, hold on to him

By which I mean, tackle him to the ground, even if it means committing a personal foul.

2. Do you take this bride in holy meme-tromony?

Challenge accepted! Getting married is enough to make most people go a little derpy, but after all is said and done… me gusta!

3. Deadlift your bride!

I guess we know how this couple met… pumping iron in the gym, no doubt!

4. Mr Right and Mrs Always Right

She didn’t want to take her husband’s surname, so she went double barrelled!

5. He might turn into a handsome prince!

Let’s face it, most guys are frogs until they meet the woman that they’re gonna marry!

6. Watch out, cake collapse!

You can’t have a wedding ceremony if the bride is stuck in a hole… somebody get a ladder! Or maybe a fork!

7. You can’t go pinching your husband’s butt in the middle of your ceremony!

Oh it’s your wedding, you can do whatever the freakin’ heck you want… plus you’re cake toppers so I guess it doesn’t matter.

8. When you get married, it really is game over for your online buddies

You can’t spend hours in front of the Xbox anymore if you’re picking out paint colors and wallpaper samples!

9. This passed out couple have partied too hard!

Hope the wedding reception doesn’t end up like this!

10. Check out this authentic modern couple!

We all know a couple who are constantly checking their phones even while they’re sitting next to each other. It’s good that they can poke some fun at themselves!

11. Horse head husband and a bride in a bridal

Wait, what the heck is going on in the background there? Exactly what kind of wedding have I been invited to here?

12. Get away from her, you b*tch!

Once you’re married, nobody can hear you scream!

13. This bride seems to have everything under control!

This crazy leaning cake would sure be eye-catching at most any wedding!

14. This husband thought he was just getting a PIECE of cake

Looks like the bride is punching him in the face!

15. Once you’ve found the right man, all that’s left to do is to reel him in

Then catch him in a net, and mount him on a piece of wood above your fireplace!

16. If you don’t have a fishing rod at hand, a lasso will do just fine!

However you snare that cowboy, make sure he’s saddle trained and doesn’t spook easily. Or you can just brand him.

17. Perfect for any bride-zilla

The husband looks kinda worried, which is pretty appropriate!

18. If you put enough thought into your Vegas wedding to get a cake, you’re doing better than most people

Still won’t help you with regretting it in the morning, though!

19. Do you take this woman to zom-be your lawfully wedded wife?

Some people marry for looks. This girl, she married for braaaaiiinns!

20. Hey we tied the knot, high five!

You two won’t be looking so pleased with yourselves in a year or two, trust me!

21. Mr and Mrs Smith?

Hope you guys last longer than Brad and Angelina!

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