21 Foods Brits Eat That Americans Will Find Weird

21 Foods Brits Eat That Americans Will Find Weird

Listen, my American brothers and sisters, I know you think you’re the bomb with your corn dogs and your deep fried everything but you ain’t seen nothing yet! Come with me on a journey to the magical world of Great Britain as we sample 21 culinary delights that are totally normal to Brits but will totally confuse our cousins from across the pond.

1. Marmite on toast

Now some of my British friends out there will want to slap me for even including this on the list, but love it or hate it, you’ve gotta admit that this is pretty weird. I mean, what even IS marmite? Nobody knows.

2. Beans on toast for EVERY meal

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, if you give your average Brit a plate of this you know they’ll be happy.

3. Basically, anything on toast

Are you getting with the programme now, people? We LOVE stuff on toast.

4. Take-out sausage rolls

Eaten straight from the bag from your high street bakery, these bad boys are the saviour of hungry shoppers everywhere. And we don’t stop there! How about a pasty or a pie instead? If you can wrap it in pastry and bag it up, we’ll eat it.

5. Clotted Cream

That picture may look like ice cream, but don’t be mistaken. Clotted cream sounds gross, but it’s what all of your desserts have been missing. Especially the crusty bit on top, that’s the best part!

6. Toad In The Hole

No there are no actual toads in holes, this one is a simple sausage wrapped in delicious Yorkshire pudding. I’m drooling just thinking about one of these bad boys!

7. Chips and gravy

Every Northerner’s favourite, this humble looking dish is what dreams are made of. Just don’t try to order some anywhere more southern than Manchester, they won’t know what you’re talking about.

8. Mushy peas

Exactly what it says in the description. They’re peas, they’re mushy, they’re completely perfect in every way.

9. Chip butties!

I’m gonna break this down for you, my American friends, in English English a butty means a sandwich, chips are chunkier versions of what you call fries, and together they’re a match made in heaven. Although, what Americans would call chips can also go in a butty, a crisp butty that’s just as good as a chip butty, just like this one…

10. Jelly and Ice Cream

I think our jelly is what’s called jell-o in America? I’m fairly sure that’s how it works and I’m definitely sure that you need to try this at least once in your lifetime.

11. Branston Pickle and Cheese Sandwiches

If you don’t know what Branston Pickle is, look it up, because I don’t have words to describe how amazing this flavour combination is.

12. Prawn Cocktail Crisps

This is one of the most popular crisp flavours in the UK, right up there with cheese and onion and salt and vinegar. You know why? Because it’s DELICIOUS!

13. Biscuits and tea

Biscuits are fantastic anyway, but dunk one into your hot cup of tea and you’ve just made your life a million times better. Just be careful about your choice of biscuit before you dunk, as a rule of thumb, hobnobs are good, rich tea are very, very bad.

14. Needing both chips AND rice with your curry

Can’t choose your carb? Well the us Brits the answer is simple – why not both?

15. Chips and Curry Sauce

And just in case the last number on our list wasn’t enough for you, we also have chips covered in curry sauce. This is another one you won’t be able to find in the south, though!

16. Putting a whole block of butter on your crumpet

Anything less than a whole block is not enough. Same goes for cheese on toast, if it’s not a whole block of cheese, it’s not cheesy enough. Just look at this cheese covered perfection…

17. Having potatoes in every form possible

If we can persuade a potato to get into a certain shape, you know we’ll eat it that way. We’ve got smiley faces, waffles, chips, hash browns, roasties, even letters and numbers. We’re all about that variety.

18. Pub snacks

Pork scratchings, crisps, nuts, sometimes even chocolate bars. If it can fit behind the bar, it counts as a pub snack.

19. Fish finger sandwiches

Just like our toast, we Brits will put pretty much anything onto a sandwich and that includes fish fingers. You need to try this, people, it’s so good it’s unbelievable!

20. Vienetta for dessert

This delicious dessert has alternating layers of ice cream, chocolate and pure heaven. You can always count on your Grandma to have at least one of these in the house for after your Sunday Dinner.

21. A Full English Breakfast

Know why it’s called a full English? Because you couldn’t fit anything more onto that plate if you tried, that thing is FULL! And let me tell you, there is no better hangover cure on the face of the planet, that’s a fact.

So how many of these would you want to try, my lovely American friends? Let us know which one you like the most in the comments! And don’t forget to share this with your friends and family, they need to know what a chip butty is, after all!