21 Bizarre Things Hidden Inside Everyday Items

21 Bizarre Things Hidden Inside Everyday Items

12. Another toy that met the wrath of an over-zealous pooch

The inside of this dog toy looks very unhappy with what happened to it. I wonder if there’s another toy inside? I’m sure Fido will find out!

13. What do you expect to find inside a ceramic frog? Definitely not two ceramic snowmen!

And all of a sudden your Christmas decorations are sorted for the next few years! Talk about a blessing in disguise!

14. What lurks inside a bocce ball? Another, smaller ball of course! Who’d have thought!

And not just any ball, it looks like a pool ball peeking out from the centre. Guess it’s easier than making a brand new ball from scratch?

15. Who thought their clothesline was just solid rope? Yeah, we’re all wrong.

I definitely didn’t except a clothesline to be full of happy Disney characters! I don’t know if Mickey would have been so pleased if he knew he was heading for the inside of a clothesline.

16. Bought yourself a lovely leather bound camera case? Well it might not be as nice as you think it is!

Yep, the whole thing is supported by old toothpaste boxes! At least it should smell minty fresh, I guess.

17. So this is what a bowling ball looks like on the inside? Didn’t see that coming!

Well you couldn’t knock pins down with it in that shape!

18. Got yourself a new laptop? Congratulations, here’s a free two inch ruler!

Because measuring things that are shorter than two inches is a regular pastime for me. Always.

19. This KitKat is a little off-kilter 

Aren’t the biscuits meant to face the other way?

20. What on earth is this on the inside of a golf ball?

I can’t even begin to work out what this looks like.

21. Of course there are whole books to be written about things that have been found inside a person’s body!

Not a book that I would particularly want to read mind you, but still!

22. Got your cueball ready to break? Well, let’s take another look at that, shall we?

Yep, it’s another pool ball hiding inside there! Sneaky thing!

What do you think about these weird things that were found in unexpected places? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found hiding inside something else?


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