21 Bizarre Things Hidden Inside Everyday Items

21 Bizarre Things Hidden Inside Everyday Items

Nobody suspects anything weird to come from everyday items. They’re normal, they’re boring, why would you ever look at them more closely? Well these people have taken a much closer look at the everyday things around them and they’ve found 21 bizarre things lurking inside the everyday items that everyone hands.

1. Styrofoam balls hidden inside chocolate wrappers.

So those fancy chocolate towers don’t actually contain any real chocolate? Consider me saddened and disappointed. I may even cry right now. What else in my life is a lie?

2. A tiny grape inside another grape

This is like the Russian doll of the grape world, take a bite of your grape and find another one inside! Sounds like a win to me!

3. This cookie monster doll was bought for someone’s dog to play with, look at what was inside!

You’d feel really guilty about your dog ripping a cookie monster apart if you found out it had a heart after all!

4. When it turns out that your desk was made out of cardboard all along.

That explains why it started to sag that one time you spilled your coffee on it.

5. This screwdriver contains another screwdriver!

Hey, they look like they’re different sizes, you just got another screwdriver for free! That’s winning right there!

6. Remember those cute snap bracelet from when you were a kid? Ever wondered what was inside them?

Yep, it was just a normal piece of measuring tape! So we were all just wearing measuring tape around our wrists as a fashion statement, huh?

7. Secret hands cradling your boobs all day from the inside of your bra. Comfortable or just weird?

I think it would be kind of funny to have two hand shaped cushions cupping your boobs from the inside of your bra but what do you think?

8. Shoe deodorant or just regular deodorant.

At least your shoes will be as fresh as your armpits, I guess! Is that a good thing, or not?

9. If you ever take the tab off of your drink can, don’t worry, there may be another tab inside!

I can’t tell if this person got really lucky or not. I’m gonna go with yes.

10. Ever wondered what it takes to make a nine volt battery?

Turns out you just need six regular triple-A batteries! If I’d have known that I wouldn’t have bothered with them in the first place!

11. This tree had another tree growing inside of it!

Does that mean that Pocahontas is double mad at us? I’m sorry Pocahontas! I promise I’ll try to sing with all the colours of the wind from now on!


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