21 Annoying Photos That Will Make Your OCD Scream!

21 Annoying Photos That Will Make Your OCD Scream!

Some people suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – or OCD for short – really badly. It dominates their lives, and they can sometimes barely do anything. That’s a terrible and sad way to live.

But my theory goes that we all have a little OCD living inside our minds. For some of us, it really doesn’t bother us most of the time. But other people get it a little worse.

Those are the kinds of people who don’t step on the cracks in the pavement without really knowing why. Who have to chew an even number of times on each side of their mouth when they’re eating. They watch YouTube videos right to the end.

If that sounds like you at all, prepare to have your skin crawling with these images that will totally get your eye twitching.

Ok, pack it up kids, time to move house!

No I’m 100% serious. Get your suitcases right now.

How could this plumber live with themselves after this travesty?

Let’s fix this thing… no I don’t care how well it’s fixed to the floor!

What kind of a monster would do this?

There are freakin’ guide marks and everything! In this house we OBEY the GUIDE MARKS DAMMIT!

Is this a picture of Marie Antoinette?

History jokes for you there folks, I’m here all week.

Where did it all go wrong?

Measure twice, cut once they say… or just start gluing down tiny tiles like a doofus.

We have a stowaway here

It’s like a fizzy beverage version of Romeo and Juliet! A plaque on both your houses! I warned you about the history jokes, okay?

Not only is this triggering my OCD like crazy…

But surely it makes more sense for them to be the proper way around! I bet every show, centre stage gets lit up when they were going for stage left!

C’mon buddy, you gotta move

I don’t care if you’re in the middle of your lunch, I need a doggy barcode to soothe my soul… a bark-code!

No really, what kind of twisted monster does this stuff!

If you don’t pop pills out in order, we can’t be friends. Sorry. Wait… I’m not even sorry.

Now, I realize that this is an access cover…

Somebody probably made some important repairs, and that’s the main thing… but all the same, I’d have chased that guy down the street if I saw him leaving this here.

That’s not how it’s done!

You don’t break the Kit Kat fingers? I break YOUR fingers!

This person just had their kitchen remodeled…

…and their entire life ruined.

We all had that one friend as a kid

Well that one friend would be the kid with the broken nose if they pulled this cr*p on me.

All of these lights are off


I would go down there and plant a new shrub myself if I saw this

Some things just should not be.

The trickiest OCD decision the world has ever known

What would you do?

I wonder how heavy manhole covers are

If it’s anything less than a ton, then trust me I will spin that thing.

Incidents of people running out of this store screaming are up 500% since their floor was replaced

I wonder why that is.

This is an actual real life nightmare

Take my eyes! Take my away from all of this!

I can live with this one… it’s okay…

Aaaggghhh I just imagined it from above!

This is where the world’s smallest murder took place

Look, does anybody have a tiny pot of paint?