20 Of The Worst Moms Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Parent

20 Of The Worst Moms Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Parent

When you think of a Mom you think of a person who will do anything to keep their little ones safe and loved. Some of the Moms on this list are pretty much the exact opposite of that description. Some of the Moms here are just having a little fun but others are so bad at this parenting thing that I’m surprised they’re still allowed to parent at all! Warning, there’s some truly awful parenting going on here:

1. Because who cares about their kid when there’s selfies to take!

This Mom really needs to get her priorities straight or that little one will pay the price. Hopefully, she turned around soon and saved her child from this impending doom.

2. Why on Earth would anybody do this? This is just sick!

If there’s one thing that no baby needs ever, it’s a tattoo. Let’s hope that it’s NOT real. There’s no way that tattooing your infant child is legal.

3. This Mom cares more about how her boobs look than what her kid’s doing

If your kid is allowed to run around with a knife, you’re probably not going to be winning any Mother of the Year Awards. Besides, perhaps this kid learned how to be desperate for attention by watching her own mom!

4. No. No, no, no. This is just the worst.

WHY would you EVER let a baby near a firearm? This is just completely hideous. Of course, we can assume that the gun is not loaded because bullets kill, not guns and therefore, are the most dangerous part. Even so, you should not be teaching your child to put their mouth to any guns at all!

5. I’m pretty sure that’s not how you’re supposed to hold a baby

I mean, that baby looks really unhappy with this situation. Thankfully, babies are a lot sturdier than they look. In this case, this baby would HAVE to be!

6. I don’t even want to think about how many germs are on that floor.

But who cares about that when Momma needs to use the drinks machine? This is where strollers and baby seats come in handy. At least then, they are not on the floor of a convenience store!

7. There is absolutely nothing to defend here!

There’s not an 8 year old alive that needs cosmetic injections, I don’t care what anyone says! Perhaps there’s more to this story than what meets the eye. . .

8. The kid looks like he knows what a terrible Mom he’s got

This whole photo is just a total disaster. Poor kiddo. Now, all he can do is wait for his seat back but it doesn’t look likely that it’ll happen soon.

9. MORE tattoos?!

Why?! Why are people doing this?! Don’t they get how completely wrong this is?! I don’t want to live on this planet any more.

10. This Mom is really testing the boundaries of appropriate behaviour

There’s something really creepy about this that I just don’t like at all. Of course, if you’re wearing a cross necklace, then all is well!

11. Isn’t this, you know, illegal?!

I really hope the police saw this and stopped them before they got into a traffic accident. The shocking part here is the fact that these are two, small children. Even so, it’s funny how shocking this photo is today compared to back when many people grew up being able to ride in the back of a pickup with no safety belts OR parents at all!

At what point do we decide what is right so that the next generation can be raised with some dignity? But until then:

12. That’s not how you’re meant to transport your baby

They’re a child, not something you’ve just bought in the store! Get a stroller! We just can’t seem to figure this parent thing out at all.

13. This Mom is not setting a good example

This kid’s going to have some really strange ideas about tanning when she grows up. We have to wonder what makes her want to do this to herself? Also, why hasn’t anyone told her that this looks ridiculous?

14. New born baby? Who cares, I’ve got a new Instagram follower!

That poor child will come second to Mom’s phone for the rest of their life. This mom needs to learn when to put down her cell phone.

15. You’re meant to spin your child, not drop it!

This Mom already knows that she’s seriously messed up. I hope the child didn’t get too hurt in the maneuver.

16. This Mom doesn’t care if you want a turn on the ride

You’ll have to wait your turn, kiddo! Hopefully, the ride is okay for the kids to enjoy when she finally gets off.

17. Playing with your kid is one thing, kicking them in the face is entirely another.

I’m sure it was an accident but this Mom’s going to be feeling guilty about this for years! Next time, she’ll be more careful.

18. Karma is coming to this Mom

Next time you prank your kid, make sure he’s not holding a bowl full of chips first! Now you’ll be the one who has to clean it up!

19. Kiddo’s first memories of a snow day won’t be pleasant ones!

Although it’s not clear on what happened here, perhaps next time, she’ll just stick to making a snowman with her kid instead of tumbling downhill with him.

20. This is not how you take a whimsical Fall photo

You’re meant to throw the leaves up not all over your own face! Now, there’s no special photo of the two of you to look back on.

Just a goofy mess like this!

21. See? Positive moral values.

This poor girl is going to grow up thinking that this is how all girls behave. There’s nothing worse than teaching your little girl that this is what daddy likes. So much so that he doesn’t even take the time to put his daughter down or else, shield her from this spectacle in any way!

22. The science experiment gone wrong

I’m not sure exactly what’s going on here but so long as that child looks trapped and sad, it can’t be good! Please get this baby out. No more experiments.

23. Baby smoking a cigarette

Well, not smoking it yet! I think society does enough encouragement of this without parents helping, don’t you?

24. Baby breast augmentation

It’s already sad enough that women feel as if this is the only way to be beautiful. However, when we encourage our baby girls to believe that this is normal behavior, we tend to have a world full of women who do nothing but this.

25. And down will come baby. . .

I’m sure that this photo was meant to be a happy family on the beach but it appears that it was not well rehearsed.  Let’s just hope that this baby landed on some soft sand. I wonder, did they manage to get the picture they were hoping for?

26. Never giving up the party life style

Then there are those parents who are perpetually children themselves. It is as if they decided that there was no need to be responsible, even after parenthood sets in. The only thing different to this guy is the baby on the couch. . .

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