20 Weirdest Sights On Subway Trains Across The World

20 Weirdest Sights On Subway Trains Across The World

We all have to get to work somehow, and often times, the subway is the quicker, easiest and cheapest route! But man do you have to battle some whackjobs down there!

I don’t know if there’s something about being closer to the center of the Earth that brings the weird out in people, but it happens!

Maybe it’s just that lots of people from all different walks of life use the subway.

What’s totally normal to one person is totally strange to the next person. So there will always be a little confusion!

Then again, I’m not sure if there’s anyone who will find all of these crazy cats completely normal!

1. I’m not sure which one is the weirder sight here!

Quoth the raven, “My Metro card has run out, do you have a couple of dollars so I can get home? I mean… caw caw”

2. Ever been on the subway when a fight starts… how about this one?

I guess the Batmobile and the Death Star must have both been in the shop this week.

3. Pssst, wanna take a look at my merchandise?

I love how suspicious she’s looking at whoever is taking the photo, “Are you looking at my… cat?”.

4. Is anyone else seeing this, or has this guy come up from the Underworld to take my soul?

I definitely wouldn’t have gotten on this train if I was the person taking this photo!

5. It was ‘Take Your Hedgehog To Work Day’

What? If you’re a hedgehog owner, you can’t just let it off the leash wherever you want. Plus you’ve got to get it to wear a hat, in case it gets cold!

6. This subway busker played a lullaby for this crying baby

Just look at her face now! I hope you gave the guy a dollar, mom!

7. You know that awkward moment in the Pokemon cartoons when Pikachu barfs up a man’s arm…

Gotta catch ’em all!

8. Go, go Power Rangers!

The funny thing is, these guys all got on at different stops and have never met each other before.

9. Next stop, where the wild things are!

The weirdest part of this is the monster that’s lying down on the floor. Is that guy asleep or… something worse?

10. It’s pretty cool that you can get the subway with the guy who plays Gandalf and Magneto!

The thing is, Magneto is propelling the subway train along with his powers. That’s a pretty crazy hat that the guy next to him is wearing too. Wild times!

11. This guy found a full bottle of champagne under the subway seat

I think we’ve just reached peak New York here, people!

12. Take one glance, and it’s kinda strange that this lady is wearing a shower cap on the subway

But with a second glance, it gets even weirder that she’s wearing a freakin’ lettuce leaf as a shower cap!

13. Is this guy reading this for a bet or what?

It’s obviously working out well with that lady next to him!

14. This guy has gotten traveling on the subway off to an art!

Well I know what I’ll be taking with me next time I have to take the train somewhere!

15. We all know you’re not allowed dogs on the subway, but what about Centaurs?

Hey, if it’s not in the rules, you can’t say that it’s banned!

16. Okay, let me just correct myself… you’re not allowed dogs on the subway, unless they’re small enough to be carried in a bag

Or, like this guy has ingeniously exploited, unless the bag is big enough to hold your giant dog. Who’s a good boy?

17. Why would anybody take a photo of this?

Because in Berlin’s U-Bahn, the text on this person’s bag reads: “This text has no other purpose than to terrify those who are afraid of the Arabic language”.

18. It can get awful windy down in those underground stations when the trains sail past! 

Just ask this guy! He looks like a freakin’ gramophone!

19. It’s the best of both worlds

If this photo doesn’t show how wonderful and multicultural our cities have become, I don’t know what does! Rock on, you two!

20. Do you think that guy dresses and got his hair cut just like Kim Jong Un on purpose?

Or maybe it’s the real Kim Jong Un! On a secret undercover mission! It’s the last thing those foreign devils would expect!

Have you ever seen a weird and wacky sight down in the subway? Only every freakin’ day, am I right? Well, if you have a story worth sharing, we would love to hear from you!

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