20 Unusual Hotel Experiences From Around The World. - Aunty Acid Buzz

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Whenever you travel to a new country it’s always good to keep an open mind. And an open mind is exactly what you need when you check in to some hotels. Whether it’s the unusual hotel nick nacks, quirky designs or bizarre hotel rules, there’s been a time when hotels have had us all raising our eyebrows. Now here’s a list of 20 unusual hotel experiences from around the world.

1-A non-smoking hotel room with a non-smoking ashtray.

Credit: www.metdaan.com

So it raises the question, why’s the ashtray there?

2-‘Do not take drugs and go whoring’.

Credit: www.metdaan.com

Well there’s no misinterpreting these hotels rules.

3-A bathroom wall or a bathroom window?

Credit: www.metdaan.com

This is becoming an increasingly common design in Europe. Whatever happened to privacy?

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