20 Times Senior Citizens Absolutely Won at Life

20 Times Senior Citizens Absolutely Won at Life

1. Stop, in the name of my hair dryer!

Neighbours Claim The Speeding Problem On Their Street Has Been Solved After This Grandma Started Using Her Hair Dryer

This English grandma made the news recently because she started tackling the problem of speeding on her estate with a fake speed gun – it’s a hair dryer! Her neighbours claim it has worked. You go, girl.

2. Grandma security service

ATM Security Level: Grandma

This badass grandma has taken it upon herself to provide extra security while her daughter uses the ATM. Must be a rough neighbourhood, but I wouldn’t mess with this one!

3. You know what you did, mister

My Grandma Got Bit By A Pelican On The Pier And Then Began To Scold It

This pelican is getting a stern telling off after biting this older lady on the pier. Look how ashamed he looks! I should think so too.

4. My grandma brings all the boys to the yard

Found On A Grandma's Camera After A New Year's Cruise

This grandma is clearly not letting her age stop her from having a good time.

5. The hottest new couple in town

Grandma Put A Magazine Cut Out Of Leonardo DiCaprio Over Her Late (Not So Nice) Husband's Face. The 80+ Year Old's Version Of Photoshop

This older lady has cut out a picture of hollywood heartthrob Leonardo Di Caprio and stuck it over a picture of her husband. I guess this is the senior version of photoshop?

6. Meet me by the big tree!

My Grandparents Were Waiting For Each Other At The Mall

These two are supposed to be meeting each other at the mall. I wonder how long it will take them to figure it out?

7. Toilet humour

My Grandma Posted This On Facebook This Morning

The original caption read “my grandma sent me this photo this morning”. There’s never a bad time for a bit of toilet humour!

8. Chaaaaarge!

My Friend Had A Medieval Themed Wedding And Her Grandpa Showed Up Like This

I don’t know exactly what’s going in this photo, but I love every bit of it.

9. Alakazam!

Prankmaster Grandma

Some ‘trick’ that this senior has pulled here! How did he fall for that one?!

10. Relationship goals

My Friend Posted A Picture Of Her Grandparents On Thanksgiving, It Definitely Needed More Exposure. Cheers To Being This Cool When I'm Old

This photo is, as the kids say, absolute GOALS. What a badass senior couple.

11. I can’t believe it’s not an iPhone

Grandma’s Butter Dish

This grandma has decided to use the case for her new iPhone as a butter dish. It’s this resourcefulness that makes them the greatest generation!

12 A lesson in philosophy

My Friend's Grandma Commented On Her Status

Sometimes it takes a senior to put everything into perspective. Well said, grandma.

13. Crazy cat lady

Getting My Grandma A Camera Phone Was The Best Decision I Ever Made. The Cat Might Disagree

The original caption for this photo reads “Getting my grandma a cameraphone for her birthday was the best decision I ever made”. I’m not sure the cat would agree!

14. Please help yourselves

My Grandmother Pins Cat Hair To Trees So Birds Can Make Luxury Nests. So Damn Thoughtful

Speaking of cats, this person’s grandma has pegged her cat’s hair to a tree in her garden, so that the birds can make “luxury nests”. How incredibly wholesome.

15. A good time is on the cards

My Husband's Grandma. The Resemblance Is Uncanny

This photo speaks for itself. The resemblance is uncanny! Happy birthday, grandma.

16. Growing old disgracefully

Grandpa Does Not Want To Be In Painting Class

The original caption for this read “My grandpa does not want to be in painting class” Oh dear…

17. A new hope

Princess Leia And R2D2 (My Grandpa's Costume)

This grandad has absolutely nailed this Princess Leia costume. I wonder if he wore it to the latest movie this Christmas?

18. Mamma mia!

My Italian Grandma Came In Town. This Is Her Suitcase

The original caption reads”my Italian grandmother came to town. This is her suitcase”. She can come visit me any time!

19. Micro-fashion

My Granny Knitted A Sombrero For My Hamster

This granny has knitted a tiny sombrero for her hamster. I can’t even cope with how cute this is.

20. The eight Wonder of the world

I Ordered A Wonder Woman Costume Online. It Was A Little Big For Me When It Arrived And My Grandmother Said She Wanted To Try It On. This Is The Fabulous Result

The original poster of this photo had ordered a Wonder Woman outfit for herself for halloween, but her grandma wanted to try it on first. And she looks downright fabulous, too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery. It’s good to be reminded that our advancing years should never stop us from having a good time.

Which was your favourite pic? Let us know in the comments!