20 Things That Make All Girls Cringe

20 Things That Make All Girls Cringe

We wouldn’t change it for the world, but sometimes being a girl can really suck. No, I’m not talking about the gender pay gap or the lack of women in powerful jobs or even the lack of women’s rights around the world!

I’m talking something much more serious! Those everyday little niggles that just make your life as a girl that extra bit tough!

Okay, all of that stuff is important too. But let’s face it, one step at a time here.

It takes a lot of time and effort to talk about gender differences and social politics. But hair in your butt crack? That’s something we can all relate to!

So join us as we all share some of those stupid little cringe moments that being a girl make inevitable.

1. The pain and blisters from wearing high heels

The struggle is real. Even the least girly of girls know all about this pain, right ladies?

2. Having to wear a thong when you have something a little bit tight on

In the never ending struggle against Visible Panty Line – the dreaded VPL – we give ourselves a permanent wedgie with thongs! Why do we do it to ourselves?

3. The amount of dry shampoo we use

Because just who in the heck can be bothered washing long thick hair day after day? Never mind drying it! That takes hours! So screw it, get some of that weird powder spray stuff on there instead. How long has it been since you washed your hair now? Five days… ohhh…

4. When our hair falls out in the shower and sticks in your butt crack

Why when long hair falls out in the shower, does it automatically home in on the one place you don’t want it to go? And then you have to pick it out of your butt crack! Gross!

5. One word: eyeliner

There is nothing that raises our blood pressure more than this. Can somebody just come out and say that it’s actually impossible to get your eyeliner on each eye to match up, so that I can stop trying already?

6. Getting your hair caught in the nose bridge of your sunglasses

You try to put your sunglasses on your head, and scrape your hair back with them in the process. Then it ends up like a freakin’ spider’s web!

7. When you bend your nail back

If there’s one thing that sets my teeth on edge it’s this. Gripping something underneath your fingernail and feeling your long nail bend backwards. It sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it! But how else are you gonna get at that delicious, delicious can of soda?

8. Getting a dead hand when your bobble is too tight on your wrist

Obviously the place you store a bobble is your wrist. Well it’s obvious until you forget about it and then you suddenly feel like you’ve had a hand transplant and the darned thing has gone blue!

9. How you think you look with a ponytail in vs. how you ACTUALLY look with a ponytail in

This is what we all think we look like when we have our hair nice and scraped back. Nah, you look bald and facelifted with your hair scraped back. It’s only annoying because this is the hairstyle that takes the least amount of effort. If it wasn’t so easy we wouldn’t bother!

10. When someone tells us we have lipstick on our teeth

Ah shut up and just let me go around with lipstick on my teeth in blissful ignorance you observant little b*tch.

11. When your bobble doesn’t go around your hair three times

Why does it need to be three times exactly? Don’t ask me why, but it feels like everything is right in the world when that happens. I don’t know why they make bobbles that don’t do this!

12. When someone asks for a bobble

You have the one on your wrist… but you’re not willing to give it up. It’s like a battle of wills. What do you say? No, and quickly put your hand behind you back like a weirdo? Yes, but you can’t have this one because it’s my last? Now you look like the worst person in the world. Just flick it off your fingers like you were firing a rubber band. Now neither of you can have it. Problem solved.

13. When you’ve JUST finished doing your makeup and mascara and you need to sneeze

Trying not to sneeze can make your eyes water just an much as an actual sneeze. The only solution is to do your makeup in a space station, where there’s absolutely nothing that can make you sneeze.

14. When you decide to paint your nails then immediately want to take a nap afterwards

It’s usually only on lazy afternoons that you want to paint your own nails. But you always forget that commitment that it means taking. Once you’ve finished, there’s a good 20 minutes or half hour when you can’t do anything. No napping. Nothing. You’ve just got to SIT there like a freakin’ loser.

15. When you’ve tested about 50 lipsticks on the back of your hand and can’t rub them off

Ah screw it I’ll just cover it up with some concealer. That’s what it’s for, right?

16. The fact that your eyebrows NEVER match

It’s the same problem as eyeliner. I think I’m gonna start wearing a mirror down the center of my face, so then from most angles, my eye makeup looks identical on both sides. I really think we’re onto something here.

17. When you shave your legs and cut yourself the blood NEVER stops

You kinda resign yourself to your fate. Well, you’ve had a good run, but this is how you die. In the shower, surrounded by pink water. With hair in your butt crack.

18. The fact we go through conditioner a million times faster than we go through our shampoo

Why do those two bottles never empty at the same time, please?

19. The HUGE kink you get in your hair after you’ve had it up

Well, there’s only one way to solves this problem… wash your hair. Blast!

20. When you have to slide a tampon or pad up your sleeve when you go to the toilet so no-one knows your on your period

Look, everybody knows women get periods once a month, right? We’re all adults here. So can we just let this charade die? Nobody cares if you’re on your period or not! But in our heads it’s a MASSIVE deal and a big secret!

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