20 Really, REALLY Bad Birthday Cake Fails

20 Really, REALLY Bad Birthday Cake Fails

When somebody has a birthday coming up, there’s no kinder thought than to bake them their very own cake.

It really shows that you’ve put some time and effort into their gift, and thinking about what they like, to make a personalized birthday cake for them.

But it takes a lot of skill too! More than most people have, to make your edible gift up to a professional standard!

Turns out that many people just don’t take this into account, and even though they have practically zero cake making skills, they go ahead and try it anyway!

That’s when disasters like these can happen! These poor folks saw a brilliant idea for a cake online, went for it, and absolutely nailed it.

If by ‘nailed it’ you mean ‘messed it up in the most hideous way possible’!

1. I don’t remember Hannah Montana having such a massive body compared to her head

Happy 9th birthday Lara, hope you enjoy those nightmares you’ll be having until you’re 10!

2. The snedgehog tastes like snedgehog

It looks more like it’s being tortured horribly than a cute and carefree woodland creature.

3. You’re not finished with this, right? You still have stuff to do? No? Okay…

It looks like a child’s drawing of the ghost of Spider-Man! This baker really needs to pull their socks up.

4. The original cake features happy piggies playing in their mud pool… cute!

The one on the right looks like they’ve been thrown into a pit and forgotten about as punishment for a terrible crime.

5. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

Somebody REALLY messed up their baking.

6. Well doesn’t this jolly snowman cupcake look like a freakin’ delight

I guess the one on the right is what happens when the snowman melts overnight and you find the puddle the next morning.

7. How hard can it be to make adorable snowman face cakes?

Turns out, very hard indeed. Somebody really needs to either brush up their baking skills, or just quit altogether.

8. It’s the red nail polish that really sets this dog cake off

You know, makes it extra terrifying? I think those eyes are trying to burrow into my soul.

9. Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of… gah!

I would say this baker wasn’t doing too badly until they got to the head, but let’s face it… the body is no work of art either.

10. Want to see what would happen if Buzz Lightyear crashed his spaceship and his face smashed onto the front of his visor?

You’re welcome! To infinity… and beyond! Well, at least to the gas station for a replacement cake, anyways!

11. Oh my goodness, did this person even try or did they just squirt colored icing from across the room?

That thing looks like it’s been in a nuclear accident!

12. Let it go, let it go… you can’t bake to save your life, so just let it go!

Olaf? Looks more like falafel to me!

13. I guess that’s what happens when the Cookie Monster eats too much sugar

Seriously, that cake on the left is so impressive, what made this person think they could even get close to replicating that masterpiece!

14. Any guesses what this one is supposed to be?

That’s right, Thor! Man, they REALLY messed up!

15. Mary had a little lamb, it’s fleece was white as… blah!

Wow, that sheep has really seen things, man!

16. Sheesh, that thing is a work of art, I wonder how the homebaked version went?

Yeah… not so good.

17. Ariel looks like she’s become a big fan of the day of the dead!

Happy Halloween! Wait, this is a birthday cake… jeez, scary!

18. What would happen if you dropped Spongebob Squarepants from a great height?

He looks like he’s been made out of scrambled eggs… and probably tastes like it, too!

19. What is people’s fascination with this Ariel cake?

And why do they keep on making an unholy show of it?

20. Oh good gosh, will somebody put this little lamb out of its misery?

It’s a ghost lamb!

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