20 Photos That Will Make Perfectionist Cringe!

20 Photos That Will Make Perfectionist Cringe!

When it comes to designing something, it’s important to remember to look at all aspects of it.

Can it be taken in the wrong way? Will it translate well into a real product? Will anything disrupt or disturb it? Does it go against what we’re trying to say or sell? And most importantly, does it make sense?

To most people, these basic rules of design seem simple.

However, if you’re struggling to get your head around them, maybe a career in design isn’t for you!

From two male lions on Noah’s Ark to a pregnancy test for heavily pregnant women, these hilarious design fails show that designers are always just a tiny step away from messing up.

These pictures feature some of the funniest examples of their work that prove the importance of every punctuation mark and all those other little details.

While these designers may not have bad intentions, their creations turned out to be better at amusing people rather than doing what they were supposed to do.

These design fails could also help reveal if you have OCD or if your a perfectionist.

If OCD is something your concerned about having, it’s best that you go see your doctor or therapist as soon as you can to speak further on the issue.

But in the mean while, just try not to cringe too hard at these hilarious design fails!


Started Off Perfect

It started off practically perfect too! Why wouldn’t you stick to it? It’s horrible now!

Wait Your Turn

It looks like you’ll never get your order now!

Lost In Translation

At Least it’ll have a hilarious story behind it!

A Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

This is just crazy! How did this even happen?

Talk About Being Lazy!

Now that’s the laziest work I’ve ever seen! Why would you do this?!

A Long Way Round!

Google Maps is so stupid from time to time! Just take a short cut! It’s quicker…

Burn It

What kind of monster owns this laptop?!

I’m Late

Guess I should accept my fate and go back to work. I can’t go to work late, so I might as well not go to work at all!

Oh No

Ladies, we’ve all been there! It’s so annoying!

Too Many Light Switches

Why do you need so many light switches? What are you turning on?!

Half Peeled

I hate it when this happens! It’s so annoying!


A pee in peace? No, I want people to be able to see me while I’m on the toilet!


I just want to read my messages, not download another app!

Sticky Fork

This is a living nightmare! I hate it when this happens!

Not Broken?

Well… My pencils are f***ed! I’ll just stick to pens.

No Window?

How is he suppose to be amazed by the view of the world below with no window?!

Too Much

I think they overdid it a little with the packaging!

Brown Dots

Well that cake is now ruined!

Left Out

Aww, he only wanted a hug! Can he join you guys?

Just A Little Off Centre

Why even bother if your not going to do it right?!

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