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Have you ever seen something hat makes you wonder what on Earth is going on in this world and why this ever happened? Yeah, me too, but have you ever seen 21 of those weird, crazy things in one place? Well, you’re about to, because we’ve found 21 totally bizarre things that raise more questions than answers!

1. Someone’s in quite a pickle!

Why would you do this? Is it photoshopped? Or a really gross manicure and bad use of a false nail? Either way, whoever did this has way too much time on their hands!

2. Catching a ride

How did this happen? Did the crow land on the eagle? Did the eagle just let the crow hop on for a ride? The minds of these birds will never be explained to us mere mortals.

3. The final nail in the coffin

I just don’t get why you’d do this. Are you actively trying to hurt yourself? I hope this person doesn’t wear contact lenses or there’ll be tears before bedtime!

4. Dive on in!

Not only is this weird but it’s just not a good idea!

5. I’m ready for my close up!

If you’re gonna leave your food unattended, this is what you’re gonna be faced with.

6. Yummy!

No, I don’t want a bite of your breakfast, thanks.

7. That’s LORD Fido, to you.

Is this the most spoiled dog on the planet? I think so.

8. Just popped over to say hi!

This is what you get when you live next door to an ant eater.

9. What a waste of toast!

Seriously, if you want to get rid of your toast that badly, just give it to me! I’ll eat the whole lot!

10. That’s just really good camouflage! 

He walked into these road works and nobody ever saw him again…

11. Erm, congratulations?

What are they celebrating here and why? Why did they have to get right into the river like that? Is the guy on the left holding a dog?

12. Having fun there buddy?

Ever wake up after a mad night out and wonder how on Earth you got into this predicament? I get the feeling that that’s a weekly occurrence for this guy.

13. Dog or log?

No, I promise that dog isn’t in too pieces, it’s just a camera trick!

14. No. 

No. Just no. No no no. No.

15. Part of me is curious to see if this actually works

Because this seems a lot cheaper and easier than getting your legs waxed, to be honest.

16. Who lives in a house like this?

How could you ever live here without being in constant fear for your life?

17. A whole loaf of trouble

There comes a point where you’re sat in the middle of a bathroom, surrounded by bread, and you have to start seriously questioning your life choices.

18. Dog Simulator 2017

Guide your puppy through a series of tasks, including eating, walking, doing tricks and not pooping on the rug.

19. Just nuns having fun!

Was this a deleted scene from Sister Act?

20. Ahh, the rare doggo flower

I’d love to have a whole bed of these flowers in my back garden!

Are you feeling confused, baffled and just questioning life as you know it? Me too! But it’s no good to feel that way all alone, share this article with your family and friends and make them question everything they thought they knew about the world we live in too. And don’t forget to drop us a comment and let us know which picture you thought was the weirdest of the bunch!