20 Beautiful Babies That Look Just Like The Dolls They Sleep With

20 Beautiful Babies That Look Just Like The Dolls They Sleep With

Thankfully, these days dolls are designed to look almost like any child who would want one. However, once in a while a child looks so much like their toy doll that it’s absolutely unbelievable! Well, that’s what you are about to witness now, the unbelievable. This goes to show that in this day and age, there’s a doll for everyone! Plus, these dolls are happy to find their match as well. These photos will blow you away!

1. An exact match.

What a cute pair!

2. This baby loves napping with her doll.

Who looks just like her.

3. These two have the same eyes, hair and face.


4. They look so peaceful when they sleep.

And identical as well

5. Another great duo.

The short, curly hair is a perfect match!

6. The glasses are perfect!

I love these two.

7. They both have the same sleeping face.


8. I love the hairdo’s!

This doll is her best friend,

9. She has the same cheeks as her little doll.

And, of course, the same hair as well.

10. Wow! Imagine what mom thought when she first saw this doll!

An identical match.

11. It’s even better when they have the same facial expressions.

You can’t manufacture this!

12. I can’t tell which one is cuter!

These two are having a blast.

13. These two babies go shopping.

The mother probably got a lot of compliments on her adorable children.

14. This sleeping baby has a cute doll to hug during her nap.

Together, they look heaven made a large and a small version of their cuteness.

15. This is what this baby would look like if he was an alien.

From the planet ‘Cute’.

16. These two have been napping all day.

They both have bed head.  Or, perhaps it’s just a sick day.

17. This baby might think that he has a twin.

With a doll that looks like this, it’s easy to his reason for confusion.

18. These two are like two peas in a pod.

An identical looking pod that’s full of cuteness.

19. I love it when they are dressed the same.

It gives each child someone to identify with.

20. She’s having a sleepover with her best friend!

These two look like they are having the best time.