20 Hilarious Cheating Fails To Make You Laugh Out Loud

20 Hilarious Cheating Fails To Make You Laugh Out Loud

We all know that cheating is wrong. It breaks hearts, and can even destroy families. Still, it’s good to know that, in the age of social media, cheaters can’t get away with it as easily as they used to, and there will always be consequences. Check out these images of cheaters being caught red-handed!

1. Tell the neighbourhood!

One jaded spouse got creative with the shaming of her no-good cheating husband. I wonder how long the sign stayed up there for all to see!

2. I doubt she’ll be claiming this one back!

This young lady has clearly been up to no good. The question is, how did she not know to protect her texts? She’s clearly no ‘wizard’ with a cell phone!

3. This man learned a valuable life lesson

This idiotic young man had the bright idea of hitting on his girl’s best friend. You can guess how that one turned out! NEVER come between a girl and her bestie.


4. You played yourself

How do cheaters not realise that using Facebook is a bad idea? Especially when you have both of your lovers as Facebook friends! Too dumb for words.

5. Good riddance!

This young woman clearly isn’t going to let her cheating ex stop her from having a good time. Enjoy the ball game, honey!

6. The club? That’s a funny place to sleep!

This young floozy got caught club-hopping by her significant other. Can you imagine the feeling as she turned around? CRINGE.

7. Not so sweet after all

‘Sweety’ sneaks off to canoodle with some random young man at a party, and someone else tries to cover it up! Talk about a backpedal!

8. Karma will always get you in the end

Two ex-boyfriends bond over their experience with this questionable young lady. Just a thought honey – maybe it’s not men that are the problem here?

9. Hope it was worth it!

Another young man caught out through a combination of Facebook and his own foolishness. Maybe a private message would’ve been wiser?


10. I was only gone for one night!

Gross alert – girl finds panties in her man’s apartment. And she was only gone for ONE night! I wonder what he had to say for himself?

11. Solid gold advice

This young lady is still managing to stay polite while shaming her scumbag ex. She clearly deserves better! Hopefully he will take her advice on board, but I doubt it.

12. ‘Complicated’? You’re not Avril Lavigne!

This woman’s Facebook friend clearly has a way with words. Then again, when it comes to cheaters, being direct is the right way to go!

13. That escalated quickly!

As we all know, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Still, it’s amazing how a wholesome baby post could turn savage so quickly!

14. Really?!

The worst kind of cheater looks for advice from stransers. How about you stop being a scumbag, NavyBoy? You can have that one for free.

15. Hit the road, Dave

And don’t you come back no more! Another exercise in public shaming – this time, everyone on the freeway will know what a piece of trash he is!

16. Mistress in distress

This young woman has no right to be upset. I don’t think you quite understand the concept of ‘cheating’, honey!

17. The scarlet letter

This one took public shaming to a new level. He must have really been keen to win his partner back, which begs the question why he fooled around in the first place!

18. Heartbreak hotel

Looks like Jackie was up to no good behind her boyfriend’s back. It didn’t take a detective to catch her out!

19. Boyfriend? Which one?

Another Facebook fail – this poor young man finds out the hard way that he’s not the only one in the picture!

20. Big budget billboard shame

Oh boy, I wouldn’t like to be in Steven’s shows right now. Well played, Emily. You certainly don’t do things by halves!

So, the moral of the story is simple, folks: don’t cheat! ESPECIALLY if you’re too dumb to get away with it! Have your friends ever been through anything like the situations in the pictures above? Let us know in the comments!