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We all have body hair, but for some reason, men’s body hair is far more prominent then women.

It’s not everyday you hear of a woman with a hairy chest but if you go to the beach then you’ll often see a man sporting a forest of hairs on his chest.

Most men have a field of thick, dark hairs on their chest, arms, legs, sometimes on their backsides, and even their backs!

It’s almost like your dating a werewolf!

Obviously women tend to have different reactions to a man’s body hair.

Some women like a man with a hairy chest and others don’t.

Most men also have similar reactions, in fact they have to reactions.

A) plan to get rid of it immediately, or B) vow to never take off our shirt in public ever again.

But there’s actually a secret third option not many men know about.

Manscaping. Sounds ridiculous, but it’s actually a real thing!

That’s right! It’s where men craft their body hair and turn it into a work of art.

It’s honestly hilarious to look at and never fails to make me laugh!

There is so much you can do with manscaping.

While it may never look good, it’ll always look utterly hilarious!

Money Saver

I suppose that saves money on buying an actual jersey!

Dancing Queen

Well doesn’t he look special and unique with his body hair tattoo!

I Have Faith

This guy must really love his religion to be able to do that!

Peace Be With You

Wow, this guy has really found his inner peace!

Eight Back In Ten Minutes

That note guys, getting an eight pack isn’t so hard!

American And Proud!

Hmm… I wonder if he loves America?

Business Look, Beach Style

When you want to get a tan but you have a meeting at 3.15!

Its Feeling Like Christmas In Here

Wow, these guys really hold the spirit of Christmas close to their chest!

Our Little Angel!

Wow, this guy must be a real Angel, he has wings and everything!

Totally Transformed

What a body hair transformation! You could say this guy is almost like a secret transformer!

Half And Half Or Down The Middle?

I don’t know which I prefer the most, half and half or the long snail trail.

Someone Call Batman!

I hope they don’t try to use this as a replacement for the Bat Signal… That would be very messy!

Not So Sexy

This isn’t the best look!

Clark Kent?

Why does Clark Kent Have Superman’s logo shaved into his chest?

Body Hair Bra

Why would you even do that? What’s the point?!

Landscape Manscaping

That’s very impressive but I don’t think I’d like to see my husband with that!

Cat Attack

Why is there a cat on his chest?

Racing Stripes

Seriously, why would you do this?


Because no chest is complete without this crazy look!

Very Classy!

No chest is complete without a moustache on it!

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