20 Gross Things All Couples Do When They’ve Been Together Forever

20 Gross Things All Couples Do When They’ve Been Together Forever

Most relationships have a honeymoon phase, a stage in the relationship where there is still pressure to make an effort with how you look and to plan big, extravagant dates. However, once you realize that this person is not going anywhere because the two of you have decided to spend your time together, for better or for worse, then the relationship begins to open up. That doesn’t always mean for the better.

In fact, once this next phase begins, each person becomes more aware of the things that the other person used to hide about themselves. Most often, it is some sort of annoying habit but in these cases, it can be something that is downright gross! At which point, what are you going to do about it? I mean, you already decided that you are going to be in love (maybe get married) or perhaps just living together. In any case, we are obligated to accept whatever gross thing each partner is prepared to bring to the table of this union.

It would be nice to be on a honeymoon with our loves forever but there comes a time when this phase is over and when that happens, you had better be prepared to accept this person that you have committed yourself to for all of their gross and indecent flaws. It’s the least that you could do before you unleash your own, disgusting habits because you are convinced that neither of you are going anywhere, no matter how grossed each of you become about these aspects which are brought forth during this time of comfort in your relationship. It might have started off as being perfect and even flawless but time tells all and this time, we are telling you all of the gross things that happen when the relationship develops into this:

After all, it’s not like you were expecting perfection. You were just hoping to find someone that you can share all of your idiosyncrasies without judgment. Just think, in time, the two of you will be doing fart bombs or some other adolescent game that passed for entertainment because back then, we weren’t trying so hard to impress each other. We were all just out to have some fun. For whatever reason, we put all of that behind us when we grow up and we treat ourselves as if everything we do is gross and therefore, shouldn’t be done. But if you can deal with it, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

1. There’s no demanding need to shave

And, as a woman, I have to say – What a relief! The fact is, trying to keep up with having smooth legs is a daily chore that is easily passed up when you are merely lounging around in your pajamas or sweatpants with our honey who doesn’t seem to mind the scratchy legs that you are hiding underneath it all because it’s pizza and movie night anyway and it’s probably not even going to lead to sex because you’ve both had a hard week. Those are the comfortable situations that we all long for. There is no pressure to be sleek and smooth all year round which is fantastic for women who really can’t be bothered.

2. You fart in front of each other

It’s natural, it happens, we all do it, so get used to it.

In the early days of the relationship, they’ll try to hide their little farts, but once you’ve heard one, you’ll hear plenty more.

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