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Everyone is taking selfies these days. If you can’t take a good selfie, you might as well just delete your social media accounts and go live in the woods or something.

Even if you don’t really go in for them, you have to admit that they’re pretty handy. I mean, you used to need another person to take a photo of you. Now, you’re a one-person camera crew!

With so many selfies whizzing around online, it’s hardly surprising that not all of them go exactly according to plan. That’s the great thing about selfies, you can take as many as you want and pick the best one!

But then you can snap enough to sometimes capture something really weird happening. Whether it’s something strange going on in the background or your own freakin’ face that’s the problem, some selfies wind up downright bizarre.

So before you post them to Facebook for the entire world to laugh at, just make sure your selfies aren’t are strange as these!

I guess this camel really has the hump

It just hates being in every single tourist’s selfies so much that it can’t hide it any longer!

Hey, you’re an unnerving looking character, is there any way you could give your selfies an extra dose of weird?

That’ll work just fine! To be fair, he could have taken a selfie of MUCH worse things in a restroom than his face.

When you capture that awkward moment where a guy in the buff is enjoying the sun a little too much

That would be my reaction too! Just let it all out sister… your pain, I mean! Not anything else!

Why would anybody even buy a fridge magnet which said that?

That must’ve been one heck of a creepy museum gift shop that she got it from!

There’s one part of me that thinks this probably isn’t what it looks like…

But then the other, larger, angrier part of me would’ve sprinted over and kicked that guy up the ass so hard he would cr*p out of his mouth for a week.

Jeez Louise, don’t be a creep RIGHT behind somebody!

Hopefully he just REALLY needs a pair of glasses and doesn’t know what the freakin’ heck he’s looking at. But I know what guys are like.

So, let me get this straight…

You’ve tried to take an unflattering photo of yourself, to make it look like your boyfriend has taken it… but then you obviously busted yourself. Have a little dignity for goodness’ sake!

On the subject of having a little dignity…

Is the lighting in your bathroom really so good that it’s the only place you can take a decent selfie?

Call me suspicious, but I’ve never forgotten an entire freakin’ wall in my house is covered by a mirror before

So how come this guy had a memory lapse when he took this selfie? Maybe it’s all a ruse to get internet famous!

If she thought that the main event would be her, she was mistaken!

Turns out her dog knows how to pose even better than she does!

Another ‘please don’t take a photo of me, imaginary boyfriend!’ selfie

Do these people think we were born freakin’ yesterday or what?

Well, this would have been a nice photo

Shame the dog had to ruin it… or to improve it by making it freakin’ hilarious. It’s your call I guess.

You can always trust your old man to embarrass you when it counts

Thought you had some privacy to take selfies in your own room, huh? Well, not under this dad’s roof, kid!

Then again, friends can be just as embarrassing

When it comes to ruining selfies, there aren’t many lengths that most people wouldn’t go to!

When you’re taking a photo, just get everyone to act naturally

You know, like you would just naturally load your kid into a cannon.

This guy in the background travelled back in time to warn his younger self

But then when he got there, he forget what it was he came here for. You how bad your memory gets when you get older.

That kid looks strangely sad to be in this situation

Trust me kid, when you grow up, you’ll learn that this is the opposite of a problem right here.

You know the worst thing about selfies?

You can make a real horse’s ass of yourself.

That looks like a pretty painful burn, but look a little closer for the real star of the show

No, I said that he’s burned his arms, not he’d bared his… look, never mind!

Trying to get a good photo of your baby and pet together can be tough

But I think this guy has pretty much nailed it.

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