20 Funniest Times That Children Lived By Their Own Rules

20 Funniest Times That Children Lived By Their Own Rules

Let’s face it, parents don’t create the rules. Children do. It doesn’t matter how many ground rules you set, kids will march to the beat of their own drum.

As a result, it makes parenting ten times harder but a lot more colorful, too. Check out the 20 funniest examples of how children make the rules.

1. It Wasn’t Me!

shaving foam

If you leave shaving foam around a lone child, they’re going to cover it all over themselves and you brought it on yourself.

2. Grab The Holy Water

Some children pretend to be Harry Potter or Matilda, whilst others prefer The Exorcist. Someone pass us the holy water – and quick, I think that kid is freakin’ possessed!

3. Sometimes You Have To Wake Up And Smell The Roses

Children are inquisitive by nature, as they love to explore new sights, try new things and smell different objects. Yet, this child might possibly be too inquisitive.

4. They’ll Never Find Me

Is it just me, or has does that toilet seem to have grown a head? Despite what they may think, most children aren’t too great at hide and seek. Apart from this little girl. She’s pretty much a genius.

5. Legs for Days

Kids grow up so quickly, don’t they? Well, this little boy’s legs certainly did, but his torso couldn’t keep up.

6. This is Why Children Shouldn’t Drink Coffee

This is what happens when you give your child coffee before bed. Take note, parents!

7. A Perfect Example of Why You Should Never Shop with Kids

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right style to match your style and shape, right? This little boy definitely couldn’t make up his mind. It’s the store assistant we feel sorry for.

8. The Purrfect Disguise

Being a child can be a little tough, right? What with all the homework, meal routines and nap schedule. Sometimes you just want to get away from it and become a cat.

9. Nutty About Nuts

You spend thousands of dollars on your children and all they want to play with – or sleep with – is a jar of peanuts. Typical.

10. You Missed A Bit

Many little girls dream of being as beautiful as Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, so love nothing more than dressing up with Mommy’s makeup.

Yet, you probably shouldn’t allow them to apply it themselves or this will happen. You’ve been warned.

11. Who Needs Toilet Roll, Anyway?

So as you can tell, potty training for this kid is just going freakin’ brilliantly. If your child is ever too silent upstairs, you know what’s happened. Silence is never golden when it comes to kids.

12. That’s One Strong Kick

Get Quentin Tarantino on the phone, I think we just found the star of Kill Bill Vol. 3! What this child lacks in size she certainly makes up for in power. We hope this isn’t her Mom’s car.

13. Feel the Force

Look at that face! The dark force is definitely with this little lady. We think she could give Darth Vader a run for his money.

14. He Done It!

Do you ever wish you had a little help with DIY within the home? Get the kids involved. What could go wrong? Well, in a word: “this”.

15. It Was Like This When We Got Here

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! We think these parents should just count their lucky stars that their kids got their hands on a beanbag and not a pot of paint.

16. The Happy Clown

Some kids love to draw pictures of rainbows. Others love to turn themselves into a clown. This child is definitely impressed with her handiwork – but we expect Mom and Dad might not be.

17. Because Toys Need Bathtimes, Too!

This kid is either going to make a great nurse or an exceptional pranker. You decide.

18. Scrub-a-Dub-Dub

Now this is a prime example of why you should never, ever, leave a child alone with the bubble bath. We bet this kid was squeaky clean afterwards, though.

19. Draw the Baby, Don’t Draw on the Baby!

What do you do when you run out of paper? You draw on the baby, obviously, as well as on your arms, t-shirt, and the floor.

20. Peanut Butter Time

Do you love peanut butter so much that you could just cover yourself in it from head to toe? Follow in the footsteps of this little guy.

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