20+ Of The Craziest Things Found in X-Rays

20+ Of The Craziest Things Found in X-Rays

16. Call the plumber

Tap Handle Pierces the Eyeballs

57 year old Yi Zhao came into the emergency room one day holding up a piece of plumbing that was lodged into his skull via the tap handle. Apparently he had slipped in his tub and landed in a the worst way possible.

I don’t even know how that’s possible, but I guess it is.

17. Eggsplain yourself

Huge Kidney Stone

No, that’s not some kind of freak incident where a human is about to give birth to an egg. Believe it or not, this thing is a kidney stone that was removed from a patient in Hungary. I can’t even begin to imagine how painful it was living with this thing.

18. Spring into action

Battery Bedspring X-Ray

As you may have noticed, some of the strangest x-ray finds happen to be in prisons. This one is no exception. Prisoners in Raleigh, North Carolina were found trying to smuggle batteries and bed springs in their stomachs.

Swallowing batteries is pretty much always a terrible idea. I guess they weren’t the brainiest of prisoners.

19. Forking out

Fork Cockroach X-Ray

An israeli woman ended up with a fork stuck in the back of her throat, after using it to try to dig out a cockroach that she had almost swallowed.

As gross as cockroaches are, I think she would’ve been better off with a roach down there.

20. Shiny treats

Magnetic X-Ray

When 8-year old Haley Lents found shiny metallic objects laying around the house she naturally assumed them to be candy. Before long her intestines were filled with magnets and she had to be taken to the hospital to keep them from clumping up inside her.

21. Hammerhead

Sharp Headache

This X-ray belongs to a South Korean patient who showed up at the emergency room complaining of an extreme headache, only to be told that he had a nail buried into his head.


22. Mission failed

Grenade X-Ray

Another hand grenade, this time in the stomach of a would-be terrorist. Apparently he didn’t think his plan through very well, because he had no way of actually detonating the grenade once it was in his stomach. Terrorists are not the brightest bunch, are they.

23. I think I have something in my eye

Chair Leg

What you’re seeing above is the result of a vicious bar brawl that took place in Australia.He ended up with one leg of the chair pierced through his eye socket, which went all the way down through his neck. Amazingly, he made a full recovery. And has probably avoided bars to this day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery – it’s been gruesome, but definitely interesting! It’s amazing what the human body can withstand.

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