20+ Of The Craziest Things Found in X-Rays

20+ Of The Craziest Things Found in X-Rays

10. Bad puppy

knife in puppy's stomach xray

This 13-inch serrated knife blade somehow got lodged between the stomach and esophagus of a St. Bernard puppy in Florida for nearly 4 days before surgery was finally performed to remove it. You’ll be glad to know that the pup made a full recovery. I’m sure he learned a valuable life lesson too.

11. A likely story

Light Bulb X-Ray

This prisoner in Pakistan had an intact lightbulb lodged in his large intestine. When doctors asked him how it had got there, he said that he had no idea, and was just as baffled as everyone else.

I’m just gonna say it – there’s only one way that this lightbulb got up there, and you know he didn’t swallow it.

12. Prison life

Cellular Phone X-Ray

On a similar topic to the last one, this is an X-ray taken of a prisoner in El Salvador, who was trying to smuggle a forbidden cell phone into the prison. I guess some people will do anything to stay on social media!

13. A whole new level of ouch

Drill X-Ray

When construction worker Ron Hunt fell from a ladder while drilling on an elevated surface, the massive drill he was working with went ripping through his eye socket and out the back of his head. Amazingly, he survived after extensive surgery. God knows what they used to get rid of that thing.

14. Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn

Cobblestone X-Ray

For some reason, a girl in China swallowed over 20 cobblestones when she got upset with her boyfriend thinking that eating and drinking would eventually flush them out. She was wrong.

I’ve had some tiffs with my Walt in my time, but nothing has ever inspired me to munch down 20 cobblestones. This is a whole other level of crazy!

15. Trauma at an early age

Keys on the Face

17-month old Nicholas Holderman suffered unimaginable trauma when he somehow ended up with mom’s keys penetrating through his eye socket and into his skull. Fortunately, he made a full recovery, so aside from having a lifelong fear of keys, he will be fine.


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