20+ Of The Craziest Things Found in X-Rays

20+ Of The Craziest Things Found in X-Rays

1. Nailed it

Nail X-Ray

A pretty gruesome snap of a nail going up through this patient’s skull, and into the top of his head near his brain. What’s even more staggering about this X-ray is that the patient, a man named Patrick Lawler, wasn’t even aware of the nail being there, and thought it was a severe toothache. How did he not know?! He survived, by the way.

2. Otherwise engaged

Ring X-Ray

We’ve all heard of the romantic gesture of proposing by slipping your engagement ring in a glass of champagne. Well, this guy from New Mexico had the bright idea of doing the same thing, but with milkshake. His partner must have been lugging the shake down pretty good, as it ended up worming its way through her digestive tract. Yeesh.

3. How did he survive this?

Knife X-Ray

This young man tried to stop a robbery at a bus stop in the UK, and was stabbed in the head as a result. What’s amazing about this is that, even though he had six inches of steel through his head, he remained completely coherent, and ended up making a full recovery. Unbelievable.

4. A gruesome end

Nail Gun X-Ray

In 2008, investigators into the murder of Chen Liu concluded that he had been killed by the use of a nail gun. It didn’t exactly take an expert coroner to confirm that was the case.

5. Scissor me timbers

Scissor X-Ray

When Australian man returned to hospital 18 months after surgery, complaining of severe abdominal pain, the X-ray revealed something incredible – the surgical scissors that had obnoxiously been left there during his operation. As far as surgical blunders go, that’s right up there.

6. A lucky escape

Arrow X-Ray

You may notice that the shape of this skull is a little different to the others – that’s because this is in fact the skull of a small child. The boy was shot accidentally with a bow and arrow, which went directly through his eye socket and to the back of his skull. Despite this incredible trauma, he somehow survived and made a full recovery.

7. That was a good one

Scissors X-Ray

When you see these X-rays, you’re often left thinking ‘how the hell did that even happen?’

Well, apparently this guy asked for a small pair of scissors after a meal with friends, in order to clean his teeth – basically using them as a toothpick. Unfortunately, he swallowed them when he laughed after his friend told a joke. Imagine the panic he must have been experiencing!

8. Slither out of trouble

Burmese python vs electrical blanket

It’s not just humans who get X-rays you know! This is an image of a burmese python who needed surgery in order to remove an electric blanket and tangled wires from its gut. Snakes will eat anything!

9. Soldier on

Soldier X-Ray

Despite having a knife sticking 4 inches into his head, this soldier managed to remain conscious and go to the emergency room, where he underwent emergency surgery and made a full recovery. Some people are made of stronger stuff.


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