20 Bizarre Old Photos That Have No Explanation

20 Bizarre Old Photos That Have No Explanation

11. A giant sea monster? If I was the person in that boat, I’d be panicking!

This photo was taken in 1964 in Queensland, Australia. Although it looks like a sea monster, people believe it could have just been a large tarpaulin or sheet. However, if you were going to find a sea monster anywhere in the world, I’d put my money on the coast of Australia!

12. Ghost in a church in Norfolk, England, 1975

When Peter Berthelot took this photo of his wife, Diane, there was nobody else in the picture. When the couple showed this to the Reverend of the church, he told them about the ghost of a healer that had been seen in the church before.

13. Bigfoot lives in Florida?

An anonymous woman took this shot in 2000 and sent in to the local sheriffs office, claiming it was a ‘skunk-ape creature’. Nobody knows what it really is, so I’m guessing Bigfoot!

14. This photo was taken by Reverend K.F. Lord in a church in Yorkshire, England.

The Reverend says there was nobody else with him in the church at that time, but the photo clearly shows a mysterious hooded figure.

15. Lights over Phoenix, Arizona

These lights appeared over Phoenix in 1997 and stayed there without moving for hours. The airforce claimed they were flares, but they reappeared in 2007 and 2008 without explanation.

16. This photo was taken during Apollo 17’s trip to the moon in 1972.

NASA originally thought the image was blank, but photo enhancements showed otherwise. Pyramids on the moon? Who knows?

17. This photo was taken just after this family moved into their new home in Texas.

The Cooper family insist that the body hanging from the ceiling was not there when the photo was taken. Do you believe them?

18. Could this photo be Freddy Jackson coming to visit his squadron from beyond the grave?

This photo was taken two days after Freddy Jackson, an army mechanic, was killed on the job. People insist that that’s Freddy, peeking out from behind a fellow officer.

19. The Naga Lights

These mysterious lights were photographed over the Mekong river in Vietnam. The lights seem to come out of the river and disappear into the sky and they’ve never been explained.

20. This photo was taken in Egypt in 1985. This belonged to a grave robber…

Yep, that’s a 15 inch long mummified finger. Can you imagine how giant you’d have to be to have a finger that big?

What do you think of these 20 bizarre old photographs? Do you think any of them might have an explanation we haven’t discovered yet? Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!


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