20 Bizarre Old Photos That Have No Explanation

20 Bizarre Old Photos That Have No Explanation

Have you ever taken a photo that has just confused you no end? You can’t even begin to work out what you did to make this photo happen, but it’s weird and wonderful anyway. Well, you’re not alone and there have been photographs throughout history that have baffled people long after they were taken. We’ve found twenty of these photographs that have never been explained so we can all get confused together.

1. The man in this photo is Stefan Michalak who was walking through the woods near his home in Canada when he insists he saw aliens.

Michalak says that he tried to communicate with the two UFO’s he saw before they took off. As they left, the steam from their grates hit him and caused this bizarre pattern of burns.

2. This photo was taken in 1942 at The Battle of Los Angeles, a rumoured enemy attack and retaliation that took place during World War II.

Sounds pretty straight forward, but some insist that this photo shows a UFO and is being covered up.

3. The Black Knight Satellite

This satellite was photographed by an American space shuttle in 1998 and nobody knows what it is. It has been orbiting our planet for over 13,000 years!

4. The remains of Mary Reeser

These remains were found in Mary Reeser’s home in Florida. Her whole body was engulfed in flames before she died, but for some reason, her foot and the rest of her home were untouched by the fire.

5. This black and white photo from 1941

This was taken at the opening of the South Forks Bridge in Canada and nobody has been able to explained the man circled in the shot above. Not only is he wearing very modern looking clothing, but he’s holding what looks to be a modern camera!

6. What’s that behind the Virgin Mary?

Yep, looks like a UFO was painted into the sky behind her. Why? Who knows?

7. Jim Templeton says there was nobody else in the area when he took this photo of his daughter.

What do you think that is behind her? Spaceman? Alien? Who knows? Nobody has been able to figure it out!

8. This picture was taken by a serial killer and rapist known as the ‘Candy Man.’

He abducted and tortured 28 boys over a three year period but horrifyingly, this boy wasn’t one of the known victims.

9. Our Lady of Zeitoun

This apparition was photographed several times over a two week period in 1968. It’s supposedly the glowing ghost of Jesus’ mother and has never been explained.

10. ‘The Babushka Lady’

Given her name by the FBI, this woman was seen standing close to John F. Kennedy just before he was assassinated and filmed the entire incident. The FBI have never been able to find out who she was.


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