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Age is a funny thing because it does the same thing to every person (make them old) but then there are times when it spares some people the humiliation of looking horrible in their maturity. However, this post is about those celebrities in which time was just downright cruel! It’s hard to be young and pretty when you know that you are just going to be made fun of when you’re old and ugly.

I guess that’s just part of being famous too. The world won’t let a minute go by without reminding you if you are worthy of the public’s attention or not. In this case, we are not shining a happy light upon you and for that, I am truly sorry. Hopefully, some of us get to grow up to simply be sweet and elderly. That works just fine for me. It would be nice to not have to look like any of these people during my middle or golden years:

However, to those celebs who are reading this. . . we do hope that you understand that we know you are only human and therefore, this is no reflection on how we feel about you personally. . . Let’s just hope that none of you on this list are reading it and getting mad because nobody wants to make it onto a list like this! But it is fun for us common folks to check this out because we like to know that nobody’s perfect:

1. Matthew Perry.

Matthew Perry is best known for playing the role of Chandler in the hit sitcom Friends. Everyone who loved Friends probably loved Chandler and even though he wasn’t the cool or smart one, he was definitely the funniest & the nicest. He was loveable and things ended very well for Chandler when her married Monica, the love of his life.

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However, things didn’t run as smoothly for Matthew in real life. He might have been very rich but he definitely didn’t have a perfect life. After getting injured in a jetski accident in 1997, his doctor prescribed him Vicodin, ut when the pain stopped, Matthew continued to take the painkillers and got heavily addicted to them. He then developed a problem with alcohol which is the reason his weight fluctuated so much throughout different seasons of Friends. He told the BBC that he has no recollection of three seasons of Friends because of his addictions and although he was never high or drunk on set, he was constantly hungover.

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He has gone on to help others with their addictions and founded his own rehab centre called The Perry House which has since shut down.


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2. Steven Seagal.

Seagal is known as a hard-man film star who appeared in movies like Under Seige and Hard to Kill. He was a leather jacket wearing, ass-kicking maverick who’s new role seems to be defending President Vladamir Putin.

We pretty much grew up watching his movies (with my parents) because it was the kind of action and adventure that the whole family could watch. He was just so cool! Now, we can see that he’s desperately trying to hold onto his young image. I mean, look at all that black hair dye! He even appears to have it coating his facial hair.

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The 65-year-old actor holds America, Russian and Serbian citizenship and spends most of his time working as an environmental and animal rights activist.

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In January of 2018, actress Rachel Grant made a sexual assault allegation against Seagal from 2002.

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