20 Amazing Details From Disney And Pixar Movies That You Never Noticed Until Now

20 Amazing Details From Disney And Pixar Movies That You Never Noticed Until Now

11. Helen Incredible doesn’t just psychically know the plane wreckage is going to fall on them

If you watch closely, you can see that she spots the falling wreckage in the reflection on the water before she looks up. Clever lady!

12. Buzz Lightyear also made his way into Finding Nemo

Yep, we’re back in Finding Nemo’s dentists office and look who’s amongst the toys on the floor. Yep, that’s Buzz Lightyear, which leaves us wondering where Woody and Jessie are!

13. The trailer from A Bug’s Life appears in Monsters, Inc.

Remember the trailer close to where Flik and his ant friends lived in A Bug’s Life? This is the trailer where Randall was sent as punishment at the end of Monsters, Inc.

14. Tim Allen made his way into a Disney Pixar movie in more ways than you’d expect. 

Yes, Tim Allen was the voice of Buzz Lightyear but if you look closely at this toolbox in Toy Story you’ll notice it was provided by Binford Tools. This is the fictional tool company Tim Allen’s character works for in Home Improvement.

15. This is the second time Samuel L Jackson has done this scene.

Die Hard fans will notice that this scene from The Incredibles is a parody of a scene from Die Hard With A Vengeance. It’s almost exactly the same, shot for shot, which is made funnier when you realise that Samuel L Jackson plays Frozone in The Incredibles.

16. Apple makes an appearance in many Pixar movies

Look at the car on the left and you’ll see the Apple logo splashed across the bonnet of this car from Cars. This is because Steve Jobs helped to found Pixar and they like to reference his work when they can. This includes Apple products being used in Toy Story 3 and The Incredibles and an ad for Apple being shown in Monsters, Inc.

17. Mrs Potato Head is reading A Bug’s Life in Toy Story 2

Look closely and you’ll see that the character in the picture book Mrs Potato Head is reading is adorable little Dot from A Bug’s Life.

18. Scar from The Lion King actually did make a handsome throw rug!

At least, he did until Hercules threw him out!

19. Nick from Zootopia kept hold of his neckerchief.

Ever noticed what Nick uses to carry his blueberries in Zootopia? Yep, that’s his neckerchief from his scouting days years earlier that he always kept hold of.

20. The Pizza Planet delivery truck appears in Cars.

And not just Cars! The truck has appeared in every Pixar movie to date, except the Incredibles. Keep an eye out for it next time you watch one of these cinema classics!

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