19 Weird Things Americans Do That Confuse The Rest Of The World

19 Weird Things Americans Do That Confuse The Rest Of The World

Every country has it’s differences, and in some cases, different areas of countries are very different too.

Confusing, right?

Some of the best examples of this is China, where they sell shark heads and giant worm type creatures in their local supermarket.

It’s pretty crazy!

Or in Russia where they sell straight vodka in juice cartons with a straw. The world is pretty crazy, right?

While it may seem pretty crazy to us, these things are actually pretty sane to the people who live in these countries.

In fact they probably don’t know that some of the things they do is weird unless someone from another country points it out to them.

The best example of this is the differences between American and British culture and habits.

Visiting America when your British can be rather confusing and vice versa.

Here are just a few of the most confusing things about America.


1. Toilet bowls having so much water in them.

Guys, it’s really alarming and your wasting water!

2. American bread sticks are essentially small baguettes instead of crunchy, slim sticks.

Sort your bread sticks out America!… Though they do look rather delicious.

3. The annoying way TV show timings are displayed like “8/7c”.

What does it really mean? I’m so confused!

4. The lack of electric kettles anywhere.

How are you suppose to make a decent cup of tea?

5. That playing sport in high school is a Big Deal, and can even get you scholarships to prestigious colleges. 

That’s so unfair!

6. That college-level sports have such a HUGE fanbase.

In the UK, you’d struggle to get two mates to come to your uni sports match, let alone have a massive crowd of strangers.

7. The weird gaps in public bathroom stalls.

It sounds like an awful idea to have such big gaps in your bathroom stalls. No one wants to be seen while they’re doing a number two!

8. High school graduations.

In the UK we sit our exams and then just kind of leave and go home until results day. We don’t make a big fuss out of it…

9. All biscuits being called cookies.

They’re not called cookies, they’re biscuits. Only a cookie is a cookie!

10. The way you cook and serve scones.

You call them biscuits and serve them with a weird white gravy… So weird!

11. Washing machines having their own room.

Talk about fancy and unnecessary!

12. Tax isn’t included in prices.

That makes shopping very confusing!

13. The way you order your dates.

It’s day, month, year, not the other way round!

14. Plugs don’t have an on and off switch.

How are you suppose to turn anything off?

15. Chocolate advent calendars aren’t a Christmas staple.

Apparently they’re not a common thing in America! How rude…

16. Neither are big chocolate Easter eggs.

How else are you suppose to celebrate Easter?

17. No squash.

It’s weird that American don’t drink squash. It’s amazing!

My supper time of #orangesquash and #custardcreams

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18. Teabags aren’t very popular, because a lot of tea is actually cold or iced.

We can’t trust you to make a good cup of warm tea, can we?!

19. American lemonade isn’t fizzy!

No wonder everyone can make it!

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