19 Wacky Photos That Common Sense Just Can’t Explain

19 Wacky Photos That Common Sense Just Can’t Explain

I’m sure every now and again, somebody forgets they left the universe switched on, and it goes a little crazy.

You know, like when you go to the store and forget you left the TV on, and you come back to find out it’s been blaring out the most insane-sounding TV show for the past hour.

Or the thing that every pet owner and parent knows. You turn your back for two seconds, and then your dog is chewing something or your kid is doing something bizzare

Well, somebody obviously turned around AND left the universe switched on unattended for an hour!

When they turned back, all of this crazy cr*p was going on, and now we’ve got to explain it!

1. I think we all know what’s going on here

The little feller just wants a good education! He’s here, he’s eager and he’s ready to learn!

2. The most severe case of foot and mouth disease I think I’ve ever seen

Yeah, this one is really out there. I’ve no idea what was going though this man’s head at that moment. Apart from the sole of a freakin’ shoe of course.

3. I bet the jetset lifestyle of being an international DJ will take you to some pretty amazing places

This dingy weird art gallery with a toilet in the corner is definitely not one of them.

4. CATch of the day!

Yeah, it wasn’t just the cat they caught. This guy just climbed out of the ocean and onto the boat. Weird.

5. Now that’s just GOT to hurt!

You’ve got to be pretty darned flexible to be in… whatever business these two are in…

6. Wow, I guess she just wanted it more

Doesn’t explain what a freakin’ velociraptor pit from Jurassic Park is doing in the middle of a wedding party, though!

7. Seriously, has anyone even noticed that guy?

Won’t somebody say something? Grandma is too old for this kind of cr*p.

8. I’ve heard of being double jointed, but that still doesn’t really explain this!

I guess the only explanation is that she’s a witch. Get the stake out and the matches too!

9. Fire the ice torpedo!


There’s no evidence of what happened once that sucker has melted, so watch out!

10. Well this was taken moments before complete disaster

Hope you’ve already got grandchildren, pops! Because in about 0.2 seconds that’s not gonna be possible!

11. I think we can all see what’s going on here

But that doesn’t make this photo any less of a head trip to look at!

12. Yeah, that’s real effortless

Everybody else can see all that scaffolding holding that thing up, right? Or have I just gone completely insane?

13. Either this is a regular sized strawberry that got dropped from a great height…

Or the strawberry patch is a little too close to the nuclear plant in this town. Does that thing get up and walk about at night, or what?

14. Now that is one big kitty

He must be the king of the kitties!

15. It’s not that I don’t know what’s going on here

A heart attack is what’s happening here… I just don’t understand why it’s happening, that’s all.

16. Well I guess I’d better keep my distance then

What the heck would you do if you saw this driving down the freeway in front of you? Apart from brake hard of course!

17. Welp, I guess it’s time to move house!

Because I don’t want to be in the same neighborhood as whatever crawled out of there!

18. Hey everybody! Free shower!

What could break a fire hydrant so badly and then leave no trace? Maybe it’s the person with the ice cannon from earlier!

19. “Hi yeah can I get the uhh… cafe latte… and… 65 sugar lumps, please?”

Everyone knows if you’re going through the drive-thru, your mode of transport needs wheels as a bare minimum

20. It’s a pizza… or is it a cake?

The answer is so simple, you could say that’s it’s a pizza cake!

21. Here’s a gentle reminder of why we go everywhere by aeroplane these days!

If you’re scared of flying, next time you get on a plane just remember that this is the alternative. No thank you!

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