19 Strange Images With Interestingly Rational Explanations

19 Strange Images With Interestingly Rational Explanations

There sure are some strange and unexplained sights in this world. Sometimes, you could look at something weird and never be able to explain it yourself.

Luckily enough, there are smart folks in this world, and everyone has a speciality. Most things have an explanation, you only have to ask the right person.

Here are some examples of almost supernatural looking things that people post pictures of online, mysteries that were solved in a matter of minutes.

1. “Found in China: edible, sweet, honeycomb-like object”

This is stone honey; the honey of wild bees, formed when nectar crystallizes rapidly and turns into a solid substance. Some consider it a rare and valuable type of honey, highly prized by chefs and food lovers.

2. What’s in this old homemade jar of juice?

That’s ‘mother of vinegar’, a substance that develops in fermenting alcoholic liquids. It turns alcohol into acetic acid to produce vinegar.

You can even see mother of vinegar form in store-bought vinegar. It might look weird, but it’s completely harmless; it can be filtered out using a coffee filter if you prefer, or just ignored.


3. “Found in a Japanese stationery set”

You put those protective caps on pencils to keep the lead sharp.

4. “A friend of mine caught this fish in India. What’s wrong with it?”

It’s a Garra fish, but those marks on the front of its body are a parasite infestation.

5. Unknown beauty tool in my girlfriend’s makeup collection

It’s a derma roller, used to increase skin elasticity, reduce pore size, and get rid of acne. Now get out of your girlfriend’s stuff!

6. What does this road sign mean?

Cotton factories in the 19th century had dreadful working conditions, workers often contracted a disease called ‘brown lung’. The disease meant sufferers had to sleep in a sitting position, and because they slept so poorly, they often had naps during the day. These signs warned drivers to be quiet in places where people these who need peace and quiet lived, and are still installed next to places like hospices.

7. “Found it washed up on the Pacific Northwest shore. Opaque white flesh with an orange nervous system and what looks like black eggs”

That’s a nudibranch mollusc, which eats jellyfish, crustaceans, and sponges. Those black eggs on the inside are what it eats.

8. What’s this on the bathroom wall?

The guys have a better chance of understanding; the cushion is for resting his head (while probably a little drunk) during a pee.

9. “What is this thing my friend inherited this item from her mom, and what is it used for?”

It’s not a torture device, but a simple time and labor saving kitchen device; a vegetable cutter!

10. “Hard shell with a single barb on one end. Several washed up on the beach. And it doesn’t look like a seashell”

What, you never kept a budgie as a pet as a kid? That’s a cuttlefish bone, an aquatic animal related to the squid and octopus.

11. What is the heck is this ghoul?

That is actually an MRI scan of the brain of a one-year-old sea lion; its eyes are huge!


12. A UK resident found these transparent, jelly-like, marble-sized objects while walking in a hailstorm

Scientists say they’re actually marine invertebrate eggs, brought inland on seabirds’ feet.

13. What is this goo that appears in Spring?

It’s actually a type of fungus that resembles jelly, which survives on the rotten leaves and trees of a warm wet Spring snap.


14. “My grandfather had these and was told they were old contact lenses, but I’m skeptical.”

This person was right to be skeptical – these are actually prosthetic eyes, not old school contact lenses. As anyone who wears one could tell you, they’re shaped like this, not spherical.


15. “What is this thing seen in the Museum of Natural Sciences? It didn’t have any tag”

If you saw this weird alien ghost hovering outside of your window at night, you would have freakin’ heart attack! But it’s actually a Jenny Haniver — a figure made of the dried bones of rays or skates. Centuries ago, Belgian sailors entertained themselves by giving out these creations, telling people they were the corpses of sea demons.

16. “Found these metal detecting. One has a 1914 date. What are they?”

This impressive 100 year old artefact is actually a piece of the lid for a jar of salt. The raised part in the middle of the first picture is the pouring spout!

17. “What is this? And what does a lady with a naked butt have to do with it?”

Well, why not a naked butt? Well… it’s actually a holder for silk napkins. See, way back when, the nobility used silk for toilet paper. That’s why there’s a naked butt on one other side; that’s the end you use ’em on.

18. Who did this impressive helmet belong on?

The German army issued these to flamethrower troops during World War 1. The Flammenwerfer was used as a weapon in 1912–1915.

19. “This key my friend found cleaning his grandparents’ house — what would it open?”

I hate to break it to you, but that’s a roach clip for smoking marijuana – but don’t worry, your grandparents might have gotten it at an old school tobacconist years ago.

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