19+ Incredible Sights That Happen Every Day In Dubai

19+ Incredible Sights That Happen Every Day In Dubai

Dubai looks like an amazing place where you just gotta believe the unbelievable!

Hollywood might be the playground of the rich and famous, but Dubai has it beat these days. Dubai is the home of the super-duper-uber eye-wateringly rich. Trust me, these folks could buy and sell the Monopoly guy.

So there are everyday sights in Dubai that you wouldn’t see anywhere else for the rest of your life… never mind just on the way to work the next day.

So take in some of these incredible sights, and maybe it will get you in the mood to visit this amazing middle-eastern country some day!

Just look at this mind-boggling view!

Uh-oh, I think I’m gonna puke!

This kitty looks a little sea sick too

Just your average pet in Dubai!

Sometimes you’ll see people’s dogs catching a breeze during car rides…

In Dubai, you see people’s pet freakin’ tigers doing that!

Don’t believe me? Just a guy taking his cheetah for a drive about town

If it gets out and walks, it gets there before the owner!

Check out this guy stacking these poor dudes

I think that’s kinda cruel… come on guys, fight back! Turtle power!

Let me just pop on down to the freakin’ GOLD ATM!

So… what’s the smallest amount of gold I can withdraw? Really… that’s a lot.

The most impressive Starbucks outlets this side of…

Well, anywhere!

They’ve got expensive cars in Dubai, but they’ve gone one better than guard dogs to protect them

Just try it, car thieves.

Double wides that are two lanes wide

You really gonna drive that thing?

If you drive it, better watch out for the police… in their Lamborghinis

I’m pretty sure they could catch you, hotshot.

The police force need to be fast, since this is your regular Dubai traffic jam

What a commute! Wanna go for a ride?

About those traffic jams? Sometimes you get to see some strange sights in them

We’re lost, pass me the GPS… oh, he’s eaten it. Well let’s ask that guy for directions… why is he screaming and running?

If you wanna drive in comfort as well as style, there’s always this

You could probably roll over another car and never notice!

Check out this super-pricey airport merchandise

That probably cost more than a first class ticket home to anywhere.

No fish allowed on the subway seems sensible

The thing about warning signs is, you know somebody tried it once, and that’s the reason for the sign.

Are you freakin’ serious?

Is this for real? You’d lose so many tennis balls, everyone below would need umbrellas!

Hey, this is a pretty neat and kind idea

Then again, it would REALLY suck to be poor in Dubai with all this other stuff around!

The blandest of all cuisine

White bread. White fish. Followed by white meat and white wine.

This guy taking his camel for a walk

The place is surrounded by sand, can’t you just let Dave the Camel free to frolic?

These guys paddle-boarding

Seems like an all-around great place to visit to me!