19 Images That Prove You Should NEVER Buy Prom Dresses Online

19 Images That Prove You Should NEVER Buy Prom Dresses Online

Prom is one of the most important times in every young person’s life. It marks passing out of high school, and graduating into adulthood.

Whatever you do after high school, it’s one last party with all the people you’ve spent years of your life around.

It’s a pretty special occasion, so everyone gets dressed up. Maybe the guys rent a tux, but it’s the girls who put some real effort in. A beautiful prom dress make look priceless, but it could cost hundreds.

So if you saw a cheaper alternative online that looked just as good, wouldn’t you take a chance?

Well, these girls are here to tell you loud and clear: DON’T! For the love of all that is sweet and good in the world do not!

Don’t believe me? Check out what some of these poor prom queens had to wear to the party!

What girl DOESN’T want to go to prom wearing boob circles?

Seriously, is that a pair of coffee filters glued on there, or what?

I don’t even think Barbie would be seen dead wearing that!

I really don’t want to meet the person this was made for… they must be weird looking.

Yep, she looks about as impressed as I would have imagined

What is it with the boob circles? Is that what people think 18 year old girls want in a dress these days?

Some fashion statements will never go out of style

This spotty monstrosity that looks like a rocket ship taking off? That thing was never IN style!

Well… at least… erm… MOST of it is the same color. Sort of.

Who the heck is this meant to look good on, a 7 foot tall body builder with boobs like freakin’ watermelons?

When you think you’re getting your prom dress, but you look like a campfire

And that’s the only place that this thing deserves to go. Never mind taking it to prom, take it out into the woods and burn it.

Did 90% of the sequins fall off this dress while it was on its way, or what?

That is one sad sight to behold!

When you think you’re getting a classy, figure-hugging number

But when the dress arrives it looks like even it’s own mother wouldn’t freakin’ hug it!

Enough already with the boob circles, people!

TOTALLY not a good look! At least this girl had a back up so it’s a funny story, not just a traumatic memory!

Wow, that original dress is really stunning!

The one that arrived is stunning too, but for a completely different reason. Stunningly awful is more like it!

Are you sure you didn’t order a pair of drapes by accident?

Her hysterical outburst got a big reaction on social media… and hopefully got a lot of people buying from stores, not online!

Just who’s freakin’ leg is meant to look good sticking out of that knee height split?

In case you’re not one of the cool kids, PSA means ‘public service announcement’. No, I did NOT have to Google that to find it out, thank you very much!

She wanted to look lovely… now she looks livid

Seriously people, red is such a hard color to get right, you’ve just gotta see it in the flesh! Then you would pass this pile of puke on the rail in a heartbeat!

That sure is a prom dress fail

At least she’s managing to smile through the pain. I mean, what else are you meant to do in this situation?

I think she means the ‘love it’ part sarcastically

It’s like whoever made her dress was told about the first dress by somebody who had been shown a photo of it. From across a room. For less than two seconds. And it was a big room.

What a sight that thing is!

That face tells a story! It says “okay, I tried to save a few bucks, but at least I didn’t leave it until the last minute”. Now she’s going down to a dress store and leaving this one burning in a dumpster.

Oh my golly it looks like a freakin’ shower curtain!

That’s hysterical, who in their right mind would wear that thing!

Wow, that fits like a glove! A glove you found in the park, I mean

What the heck even happened on the way to making this look so bad, it’s like a dog put it together.

Sheesh, she wanted to go to prom, not to a fancy dress party as freakin’ Esmerelda!

Let that be a lesson to you, people! Always go and look at your dress first! At least then if it looks like cr*p, you know in advance!

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