19 Images That Need Absolutely No Explanation

19 Images That Need Absolutely No Explanation

Sometimes an image just doesn’t need an explanation. Sometimes it freakin’ desperately needs one, but there isn’t one there, no matter how hard you look.

Whether it’s blatantly obvious what’s going on, or so strange that you can never work out what the heck is happening, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Even if that word is just ‘why’ repeated a thousand times in a row. Hey, I didn’t say a picture was worth a thousand DIFFERENT words!

1. Check out this gangsta rapper

You’ll find him in the club… or in the 50 cent store. The 50 cent store! Get it?! Okay whatever, I’m just saying future generations will appreciate my comic genius.

2. It’s like the chicken and the egg…

What happened here? Was a building taken down from around the toilet, or did the toilet come before the building? I guess we’ll never know!

3. I bet she found this dress at goodwill

I mean, it’s a nice shade of white, and who cares if it makes you look like Miss Haversham?

4. Later, losers!

Just who in the heck is he going to whip with that riding crop? The horse isn’t real, so I wouldn’t want to be his wife!

5. We’re all wondering the same thing here

Including the guy standing on the iceberg!

6. Stay strong, brother!

I do have a real explanation for this one… want to hear it? A Chinese zoo ran a drill to practice what they would do if a tiger escaped, but they couldn’t use a real cat… so it was left to Tigger to sub in! I assume they didn’t really shoot the poor guy with a sleep dart…

7. That dog looks concerned for a reason

Take a picture with your kid, or you dog? Totally normal. With your gun? Sure, it’s your hobby… But all three at once, in a bath? I’m not one to judge but that’s gonna make you look just a little crazy.

8. This is a cursed image

These things should never go together.

9. Really? You would have to be pretty desperate to buy these…

I guess that’s what happens when Goodwill runs out of ‘thanks for your generous donation, but please keep it yourself’ cards.

10. A little help here guys?

Is it strange of me that the thing I’m wondering most when I look at this picture is… just what’s with all the golf gear?

11. It’s the cake that says it all, really

I’ve never heard a story told more succinctly… somebody got stabbed, but then they got better, and had cake! What else do you need to know!

12. So what did you get up to at the weekend?

“Oh, nothing…”

13. This looks like the smile of somebody they’ll be showing on the news next week with the caption ‘wanted’, but okay…

I can only imagine that this guy set out that day to take the most random prom photo possible. I think he has achieved it, with bonus points for the sewing machine!

14. “Next pl-… Sharon, can you cancel the rest of the day’s appointments?”

Either this is staged, or that guy is keeping incredibly calm. Like, the kind of calm that only a couple of Valiums can bring to you.

15. Campaign on the issues that are important to you

Nice try, but we all recognize you in that pink dog suit, Mr Gere.

16. I know you could ask the same question about all of these pictures, but… what the heck is happening here?

I would definitely be that other deputy across the street on the other side of a bush in this situation.

17. Look, I can see WHAT you’re doing… I just don’t know WHY

You do know your hands are in the toilet there, right? If there’s a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, it can stay down there.

18. Doe, a deer, what’s it doing in here?

But y’know, congratulations to Louie and the kids… for whatever reason. Also, I hate to bring it up… and perhaps it’s just my dirty mind working overtime here, but… what ELSE could that spell on the wall?

19. Okay, we get it guy, you’re a real individual

I bet you drink craft beer and you’re a real coffee aficionado too, right?

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