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If you haven’t gotten the app Snapchat yet, you’re way behind the times! You can send photos and short videos to anybody on your friends list, put filters and captions on them, and generally have a lot of fun.

Well, most of the time you can have a lot of fun. You can have plenty as long as you’re not a freakin’ idiot. Or a creepy weirdo.

Why is it the freakin’ idiots and creepy weirdos always seem to ruin everything for everybody? We would all get on a lot better without them!

But at the same time, we wouldn’t have a whole bunch of stuff like this to laugh about. Some of these are hilarious, some are dumb, some are downright unbelievable!

I’ll leave you to judge which is which!

Pigs won’t catch me he says – just before the pigs caught him

Here’s a tip for all you folks on the run from the law – don’t broadcast your current location on social media for everybody to see and to come get you. But I would have thought that was obvious. Not to this guy, clearly!

Mom’s gone wild

Yeah when mom takes her special medicine, she can really cut loose. You know that special medicine that comes mostly in red and white varieties and she keeps it in the fridge? She gets awfully crabby if she doesn’t take her daily dose, but she loosens up a heck of a lot once she’s done that!

It’s party time!

Most guys would love to be at a party where a bunch of girls pile into the hot tub naked. This guy? He doesn’t have a clue what’s going on! You really can’t afford to overdo it anywhere or at any time these days with Snapchat around! There’s always an amateur photographer ready to capture your most embarrassing moments.

She really didn’t think his suspicions would be raised by a sexy photo that’s clearly not a selfie?

As if this husband needed any more proof that his wife was sleeping around, she was stupid enough to include a pair of guy’s shoes in her photo. Do you think Snapchat photos have ever been used as evidence in divorce proceedings? I guess there’s a first time for everything!

Wait a second here… that tube of toothpaste on the counter looks awfully strange to me…

People! Before you put a photo of yourself on ANY social media, just check your surroundings! Make sure there’s nothing that will give away any details about your private life that you wished would remain private. You know, bills, the embarrassing color you painted your bathroom… sex toys.

Like I said, always check the background

No matter how sexy and alluring you think your Snapchat might be, the sight of a whole bunch of cat poop in the background is enough to put anyone off… erm… whatever it is they might be doing.

Do you think she realized what her jersey said in the mirror?

Seems pretty deliberate to me! But if she didn’t see it before she sent this photo, she definitely knows all about it now!

So like I was saying about not giving away your personal life

Whatever you get upto in the shower other than washing is totally your own business. Whether that’s peeing, or… other things…

Then again, you don’t always know when somebody is trying their best to embarrass you!

Snapchat saboteurs are everywhere! Make sure you don’t fall victim to this cruel and terrible practice when you’re taking a sexy selfie!

Choose exactly the right moment to take a Snapchat

When you’re dressed up for a party? Great. Something funny or interesting happened? Perfect! You went for a poop… ummm, we’ll all pass on a photo of you with your knickers around your ankles, thank you!

Looks to me like you just puked in a cup there, friend

Wow, imagine being this guy’s friend on Snapchat! What crazy drunken antics did Brian get up to at the weekend? Oh nothing, he’s just eating freakin’ soup again. Why do we hang out with this weirdo?

All we want in our lives is to feel loved

I’m talking real love here, like a dog’s love for a pizza. Or a dog’s love for going for a walk. Or a dog’s love for its blanket. A dog’s love for the sky. A dog’s love for freakin’ anything basically! Hey wait, why don’t I just get a dog!

I bet she put so many filters on this photo

I’m all for natural beauty, but some people really need the help of make up, don’t they? There’s no shame in admitting you look much better with your face on!

I’m pretty sure that’s not even a Snapchat that your girlfriend would want to receive, dude

Really, that’s not a sight that anybody would ever want to see. Plus, it’s given his dad endless ammunition for the rest of his freakin’ life. I’d move to the north pole if I were you!

Maybe this doesn’t mean anything to you, but if you were one of the cool kids, trust me you’d be screaming with laughter

This was the awkward moment when Kaitlyn Bristowe, the lead on the eleventh season of The Bachelorette, accidentally revealed her final pick before the final airing date with this Snapchat! Can you say, ‘breach of contract’?

When you’re famous, you’ve got to be prepared for people to talk about your Snapchat photos

Was Usher wearing any underwear in this steamy sauna photo? If he was, did he mean to make it look like he was butt naked? I guess we’ll never know!

Right on target!

With friends like these, who needs enemies, right?

Hope you’re getting good reception under there!

This quick thinking guy… well, stopped what he was doing… and slid under the bed when he sensed danger. Did he make it out alive? Or is he still hiding under that girl’s bed? Tune in next week to his Snapchat for the thrilling conclusion!

A little tip is don’t try to make it look like you have a girlfriend

Unless she’s freakin’ invisible and has hands that look like feet, you’re not fooling anybody! She didn’t catch you doin’ nothin’!