19 Of The Most Amazing Before And After Weight Loss Photos Of All Time

19 Of The Most Amazing Before And After Weight Loss Photos Of All Time

If you want to lose weight, you know how hard it can be. Breaking old habits, changing both your mindset and your diet. Fitting exercise classes and time for workouts into your busy life… it can be a chore!

So if you feel like you’re about to fall off the weight loss wagon, here’s some inspiration for you!

Most of these stories are from regular folks just like you and me who wanted to make a change in their lives. Some people however were forced to by being dangerously overweight, and their transformations are incredible!

Now we’re not saying for a moment that you HAVE to lose weight. Your body is your own business, and we wish you happiness whatever shape and size you are!

But if you want to drop a few pounds for you and only you, well read on and see how it’s done!

This guy from the UK once weighed over 970 lbs (or 440 kilograms) at his peak, making him one of the heaviest people alive

But after gastric bypass surgery in 2010 and having some skin surgically removed, he is now down to 20 stones. That’s an amazing weight loss of almost 700 pounds!

This lady once weighed over 260 pounds (120 kg), but lost over 120 pounds in nine months

Wow, look at those arms! She is one strong-looking lady!

Pat is a famous weight loss case, who has the internet amazed with his transformation!

When he was told that he would lost his life if he didn’t lose some weight, he went ahead and lost an incredible 325 pounds!

This girl was actually an alcoholic, which contributed to her weight gain 

But after she got her life in order and managed to quit the bottle, she went on to lose an amazing 165 pounds. What a remarkable difference!

This guy promised himself he would fit into one leg of his jeans if he dropped enough weight

Ah, the ol’ ‘holding up the clothes I used to fit into’, a weight loss classic! Whatever makes you happy dude, you’ve obviously worked hard at it!

Not all weight losses have to be super-dramatic to be inspiring 

This girl reached her goal by shedding 63 lbs in 8 months! You can tell from the smile on her face how happy she is about hitting her target!

After losing 100 pounds, this guy also lost his beer belly

Way to go, friend!

I don’t think those are the same clothes that she wore each time

She could probably use the clothes she wore before as bedsheets now, that’s quite a freakin’ change she’s brought about.

This guy has obviously been hitting the gym HARD

Because you can tell he’s certainly shed a ton of weight in the ‘after’ photo!

This is what a year and a half of running and lifting will do to your body

Make it change totally! Well, it certainly would after a 125 pound weight loss!

This guy is 170 lbs down after one year of progress

And if his patented intense weight-loss stare doesn’t help you out, I don’t know what will!

Can you believe this girl lost half of her body weight?

That’s right, 270 pounds to 135 pounds in just over one year! She can fit in one leg of her old shorts now! I guess that means she has two new skirts…

This guy used to eat 10,000 calories per day, only eating fast food

Now he’s lost 140 pounds and looks completely different!

This is what losing nearly 100 pounds looks like!

Yup indeed, she went from a high of 274 pounds to her current weight of 180 pounds!

A lot can change in the 7 years after graduation

Well it certainly did for this guy anyway, who lost 110 pounds, and now looks way leaner and fitter than he used to!

600 pounds down to 230 pounds

It took her three years, but she’s still got exactly the same sense of style. Good for her!

This guy lost more than half of his body weight too!

In under a year, he went from 317 pounds and sunburnt as all heck, to a fit 141 pounds and competing in marathons!

Want to know what a 193 pound weight loss looks like?

Well, exactly like this, as it happens!

This guy began losing weight a year ago, now he’s down by 145 pounds!

Good vibes indeed, congratulations on your transformation!

These are amazing alterations, right? If you have a weight loss story of your own to tell, don’t keep it to yourself! You could inspire people to do exactly the same as you!

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