If You Do 18 Out Of 24 Things On This List Then You’re A Normal Girl

If You Do 18 Out Of 24 Things On This List Then You’re A Normal Girl

Being a woman is tricky.

It’s tough being a woman in this world.

We have a lot of complicated thing surrounding being a woman. From wires poking out of our bras to smudged makeup, and period cramps.

Like I said, being a woman is tough. It’s hard to explain it to other people who aren’t female.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

Whether you believe that or not, you have to admit both sexes are very different from one another. There are things each experience that the other couldn’t possibly comprehend.

Being a woman comes with some very crazy experiences. At the same time, there are some wonderful things that guys will never experience that we do.

Here are a few totally normal things every woman has done in their lifetime…

If you do 18/24 of these things then you’re a normal girl!

1. Feet Warmer

You warm your feet on your boyfriend’s body when they’re cold. 

It’s true that most boyfriends hate this, but it’s kind of their job.

Also I don’t know why, but it’s also weirdly satisfying.

2. Same Tights

Let’s be honest ladies, we’ve all worn the same pair of tights more than once!

We are all guilty of this but we’re never going to admit to it!

3. Leg Stubble

Weirdly enjoying the feel of your stubbly legs. It’s kind of nice and relaxing to run your hands up your stubbly legs… Weird right?

4. A Little Jiggle

We’ve all jiggled our boobs just because it’s comforting, and also oddly satisfying!

5. Same Reason

We’ve also jiggled our bums for the same reason.

6. Dry Skin

Be honest, we’ve all picked the dry skin off our lips. It’s just so satisfying

We know (deep down) that we shouldn’t be doing this, even when our lips bleeds, but we still do it.

7. Body Hair

In summer all our body hair has to be gone, but in the winter we welcome our hair as it makes those cold winter months so much easier!

8. Dry Shampoo

You have covered your hair in dry shampoo for days on end just so you don’t actually have to wash it.

All you have to do is spray your hair and it looks as good as new!

9. Hat Day

Every woman knows that wearing a hat is a sign that your hair is so bad that even dry shampoo couldn’t save it.

No one can see the grease THROUGH a hat, can they?

10. Full Body Blow Dry

You’ve used your hair dryer to dry off your whole body after a shower.

There really is nothing more satisfying than drying your whole body with a hair dryer!

11. Monthly Visitor 

You feel like death whenever your period arrives.

It’s always the worst week in the month!

12. Sharing Is Caring

You share EVERYTHING with your friends.

I mean everything. From gossip to lip gloss, you understand how important sharing is.


13. Buying Supplies

Even though it’s perfectly natural, buying tampons and pads is so awkward and embarrassing, especially if the store assistant is male.


14. Don’t Look

You always look in the toilet when your on your period.

I don’t know why we do this. It’s always gross to look at!


15. Take Your Bag

You always feel uncomfortable when you take your bag into a toilet because everyone will know your on your period.

16. Smuggler

You always feel like a spy whenever you’ve managed to smuggle a tampon or a pad into the bathroom without your bag!

Now no one will know your on your period!

17. No White

You’ve followed the strict wardrobe code when you start your period.

That means no nice knickers, no light pants or skirts, and comfortable clothing at all times!

18. Getting Dirt

You’re excited to see what you pull out whenever you scrap dirt from underneath your finger nails.

19. I’m Pregnant?

You’ve stood in front of the mirror to see what we would look like pregnant. 

20. I’m Late

You rush into thinking your pregnant even though your only one day late!

21. Men’s Room

You’ve used the men’s bathroom whenever the line for the ladies was too long!


22. Ingrown hairs

Let’s be honest, we love squeezing out our ingrown hairs.

23. Plucking Hell!

We’ve plucked our eyebrows and but the hairs on the mirror. It’s slightly disgusting, but we don’t care! It’s art!

24. Pulling Hairs

Pulling out your long hairs out of your bum crack in the shower.

It’s weird, awkward, and feels so strange!

Why does this always happen whenever we was our hair?!

How many of these things have you done?

Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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