18 Weird Things All Girls Do In Front Of The Mirror But Won’t Admit To

18 Weird Things All Girls Do In Front Of The Mirror But Won’t Admit To

Okay ladies, it’s time to admit it, we do some pretty weird stuff when we’re left alone with our mirrors. We’re a lot grosser than we’d like to admit and that’s okay! Know why? Because we all do this weird stuff! Sit back ladies, and take a look at these 18 weird things we all do in front of the mirror but won’t admit to.

1. Done your makeup like it’s a full on Youtube video

You’re not a hit makeup guru (yet) but you’ve practiced enough in the mirror that you know you’d blow them all away with your technique and witty one liners. How hard could it be, right?

2. Intended to go for a natural look and ended up going full drag queen.

No shade to the lovely ladies of RuPaul’s Drag Race, those queens have serious skills, but I was going for daytime natural and ended up baking my contour for half an hour.


3. Remembering you have to go out today and wiping all your makeup off as quickly as possible

Because nobody can see you in this over the top, avant guard, high fashion nightmare you’ve just created with eyeshadow.


4. Answering questions like you’re in an imaginary interview.

I’m always talking to Oprah about my new book, album and worldwide tour.

5. Practiced interviewing big celebrities

Now you’ve spoken to Oprah and got your interview technique down, it’s time to interview Tom Hiddleston about his break up with Taylor Swift and how he needs a new lady in his life. Hint, hint.

6. Tried to catch your reflection out

If you’re my reflection and not some sort of robot clone you’ll be able to copy me when I do… THIS! Oh. Okay. Guess you really are just my reflection. This time…

7. Rapped your heart out about your day

This is how all the big rap stars got started, right? With improvised beats about the eggs I had for breakfast. I’ll be asked to audition for Hamilton any day now.

8. Sung your heart out

Whitney Houston looked so beautiful when she sang, I wonder how I’ll look. Terrible. The answer is terrible.

9. Cried your eyes out

There’s something about really ugly crying that makes you need to see this gruesome for yourself in the mirror. Could be worse ladies, you could look like Kim K when she ugly cries.

10. Tried on every outfit you own

You have to check out every possible outfit combination you can think of to make sure you’re not missing some stroke of fashion genius… and to make sure you still fit into your clothes.

11. Pretended to be a superstar with your hairbrush

You know you’ve got dance routines all planned out, don’t lie.

12. Popped your spots

Every. Single. Morning. It’s gross and it probably makes your skin 100 times worse but boy is it satisfying!

13. …And then moved onto the blackheads

Okay, you’ve cleared out the spots, now it’s onto the big leagues. Those blackheads are going down!

14. Plucked your eyebrows and then left the hairs at the side of the mirror.

It’s wrong. It’s gross. It’s… kind of amazing to see that all of that hair came out of just one of your eyebrows. Just remember to clean it up again before the rest of your family see it.

15. Practiced the perfect comebacks to that argument you had three weeks ago

If only you could have that whole argument again right now, you’d be so prepared.

16. Had an argument with your future husband

“You CHEATED on me?! How dare you?! YOU PIG!” You’re living your very own soap opera in front of your mirror.

17. Tried to see your resting bitch face…

You know it’s there, you know it’s amazing, but you’ve never actually seen it. Can you even recreate it in the mirror? You don’t know but you’ve definitely tried.

18. Tried to see what you’d look like with short hair or a fringe.

Just to be clear, it’s fine to pretend you’ve got a fringe but don’t overdo it and think you can actually cut one in yourself. You are not a hairdresser. It will not end well.


How many of these weird things do you do in front of the mirror every day? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to share this article with the other ladies in your life, because you know they do this weird stuff as much as you do!