18 Things You Didn’t Know About Eddie Murphy

18 Things You Didn’t Know About Eddie Murphy


Eddie Murphy’s career has been full of ups and downs and naturally, having a career like that leads to living a seriously crazy life! We’ve found eighteen facts about Eddie Murphy that you never knew until now.

1. His Dad wanted to be an actor

Eddie Murphy’s Dad was Charles Edward Murphy and he worked as a transit police officer. He always really wanted to be an actor and comedian, but sadly passed away in 1969 before he could achieve his dream. Eddie Murphy was just eight when his father passed away.

2. Eddie Murphy was in foster care for a year

After his father died, his mother became ill and struggled to care for Eddie and his brother Charlie. The brothers lived in foster care for a year, an experience which Murphy says was integral in developing his sense of humour.

3. His influences included Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby

Murphy wrote and performed his first stand up routines when he was just fifteen years old. Unfortunately, the sketches were very controversial…

4. His first sketches were really, really offensive.

His foul mouthed sketches were often racist, homophobic and contained a lot of fat shaming. Anyone want to watch them? No? Me either.

5. He spread misinformation about AIDS in the 1980s.

In his stand up show, ‘Delirious’, Murphy made false claims about the AIDS epidemic. His long rant was extremely homophobic and included him claiming to be “scared of gay people”. He also insisted that you could get AIDS from kissing and did not admit that he was wrong until 1996.

6. Eddie Murphy was going to be in the original Ghostbusters

The part of Winston Zeddemore was written with Murphy in mind, but he was too busy with Beverly Hills Cop to take on the role. The role instead went to Ernie Hudson, and we’re very glad it did!

7. He had a singing career

Murphy had two hit singles in the 80’s, one was ‘Party All The Time’, the other being ‘Put Your Mouth On Me’. Considering the only song anyone ever remembers him singing is ‘I’m A Believer’ in Shrek, you can guess how successful this stage of his career ultimately was.

8. He has nine children with five different mothers

Eddie certainly has been around the block, some of his children were born to different mothers less than a year apart. The mother of one of his children is former Spice Girl, Mel B.

9. He’s starred in 39 films so far

His first movie appearance came in 1982 with a movie named 48 hours. His latest appearance was as the titular character in Mr. Church. His next movie is rumoured to be Beverly Hills Cop 4.


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