18 Ridiculously Photogenic People That Will Make You Jealous

18 Ridiculously Photogenic People That Will Make You Jealous

Some people spend literally hours on end trying to get the right angle for a selfie. But others are so ridiculously photogenic that they can look good while accomplishing the most difficult and gruelling of tasks. Here are a few of them:

Sexy mudder


This looks like some kind of endurance course – you know, the kind where you have to run, jump, and crawl through all kinds of hell. But this young lady obviously thought it was the perfect opportunity for a photo shoot!

I see you!


This UFC fighter isn’t going to let a brutal conflict stop him from posing for the camera.

Jump to it


“Oh hey, didn’t see you there! Oh, did I just break a world record? Oh that’s pretty cool, I guess”

An american icon


“Is there a majestic bald eagle landing on my arm right now? Oh cool, I hadn’t noticed. My hair looks good, right?”

Good-guy wrestler


This guy looks like he could beat you within an inch of your life, but would take you out and buy you a beer afterwards

Flames? What flames?


Okay, this is just ridiculous. This woman is LITERALLY running through fire, and she looks great with a smile on her face. I’m not jealous, honestly.

Clearing the obstacles


How does someone look this good when jumping a hurdle? I couldn’t jump that if I tried, never mind smiling while I did it.

Lovebird jailbirds


I’ve never seen a couple look so good while getting arrested. Bonnie and Clyde meets Abercrombie and Fitch.


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