18 Products Marketed Specifically For Women That Really Shouldn’t Exist

18 Products Marketed Specifically For Women That Really Shouldn’t Exist

Some things have got to be different for men and women. Clothes, for example. I’ve seen a couple of brave guys in a one piece swimsuit, but they didn’t exactly rock it.

But think about it, do we really NEED most products to be different for the boys and girls?

I mean, shampoo for example. All that the stuff does is clean your hair, but there are so many differences between male and female products. It’s just how things are in stores I guess, and it doesn’t look like it’ll change any time soon.

But then there are products whose makers either think they can make a quick buck, or look down on women so much that they think if they just color something pink, then women will rush to buy it!

Here are some of the most ridiculous examples of that in action.

By the way, if you’re the type of person who thinks that there’s boy jobs and girl jobs, that there’s certain careers that women can’t or maybe shouldn’t do, or that you’d be horrified if a boy wanted to play with a doll… maybe you should step off now.

Finally! A PINK power tool!

Because all of those nasty black power tools just don’t work for women. Nope, they’ll fall right out of our pretty dainty hands and we’ll break a nail or something.

Some genius thought that wine needed marketing specifically for women

Trust me, all of this sexist bullshit is more than enough to drive anybody to drinking!

Now, I’m not saying that more women shouldn’t be encouraged to play golf

But there’s better ways of doing it. Like, oh I don’t know for example, maybe most golf courses all over the world not being male freakin’ only!

Somebody’s got to make a decision here

Either periods are something we should be ashamed and embarrassed about, or everybody should be floating around on panty liner floatables.

Do we really need gendered toys in this day and age?

Surely if both of these were the same gender neutral color, that would be better for everybody. It would even be cheaper to manufacture, probably! Nice pink laces by the way!

Yay! Female only pens! Thanks BIC, you’re the BEST!

Because our tiny hands thin wrists are so tired from picking flowers all day, we couldn’t possibly fulfil a basic function like freakin’ WRITING without some help!

‘What a feminine moustache’? Really?

Look if you’re going to wear a comedy moustache, go the whole hog and make it a black one. Trust me, that looks WAY funnier anyway.

Thanks, we’ve all been holding it in this whole time!

Obviously women are more likely to poop now! Does this change your poop pink? Because if it does, I know a bunch of guys who would be way for interested in it than the ladies!

Bread for women! Just what we’ve all been waiting for!

In a world where it’s okay to have a brand called Bimbo, gendered bread? Suuuure why not!

Just because you kill and skin animals doesn’t mean you’re not a Disney princess

This is from Magnum’s limited edition ‘If I See One More Gendered Product It Might Send Me Over The Edge And I’ll Cut A B*tch’ range. It’s the camo design that doesn’t make any sense. Exactly what would that be hiding?

Gendered products aren’t even limited to the human world

Because nothing is more concerned with its gender than a puppy. Really guys? You’re really that concerned about gender that everyone even has to know if my dog is male or female from 200 feet away? Good luck with that!

Because I don’t know about you but I certainly can’t cram those HUGE manly headphones into my teeny tiny ear holes!

I mean for goodness sake have you ever heard such cr*p in all your life! Men’s and women’s ear canals are so different they needed to make a condescendingly packaged product about it? Next you’ll be telling me that men’s and women’s freakin’ teeth are so different that…

Oh… They only went ahead and did it. Women’s toothpaste!

What is it, a different flavor of mind that won’t harm our delicate tongues?

Just when you thought BIC had run out of sexist bullcr*p

Nope, they have pink lighters too! If a man held one of these, why he might well crush it in his hands. He certainly wouldn’t be able to light his pipe with it. And all of his friends at the Bridge Club would laugh and laugh!

Because women don’t smoke! Noooo!

We’re far too pretty and prissy for that! So some cigarette maker thought they would make these looks like pretty little toys! You know, so that girls can get into smoking from a young age. Hey, it’s their choice, girl power right?

Hey, have you ever been on your period and suddenly found yourself unable to WALK?

What freakin’ jackass comes up with this stuff, seriously?

You know the way that horse saddles just don’t work for girls, right?

I don’t know what it is, they must be scared of our pheromones or something! Well fortunately you don’t have to do ANY of that pesky thinking, because somebody is way ahead of you and has thought of that for you! Thanks, kind stranger!

I would feel a heck of a lot more womanly unblocking my sink with the help of these flowery mole grips

Yup. Gendered wrenches! Just what the world really needed!