18 Photoshop Edits That Will Make You Suspicious Of Social Media Accounts

18 Photoshop Edits That Will Make You Suspicious Of Social Media Accounts

In an age of social media, people feel under pressure to look their best at all times. We present a digital version of ourselves, which is the best possible version that we can project to the world. However, some people take an extra step, and use digital image editing software such as photoshop to make their pictures stand out.

Some of the results can be astounding. Check out this gallery – some of these will make you suspicious of others and their profile pics!


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The difference here is really quite unbelievable. It doesn’t even look like the same person! Every feature of her face has changed. I wonder what she makes of it?


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Somehow, whoever photoshopped this picture has managed to change his nose, his eyes, AND his hairdo. The object of this was obviously to make him look like a completely different person, and it worked!


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This photoshop job saw this woman’s acne cleared up and her face thinned. I don’t know if it’s because I’m seeing it in the context of the before and after, but I don’t think the picture on the right looks realistic.


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The difference here is more subtle – I imagine the woman in question would definitely want to have the picture on the right as their Facebook profile picture. People who knew her would probably be able to tell, though.


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Photoshop has shaved 20 years off this man. Really incredible stuff.


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In this picture, the lady’s face has been thinned, specifically her nose and her mouth. Her eyes have also been changed to look like that of a cartoon character, which is a bit of a giveaway that the image has been doctored.


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This woman was very striking to begin with, but the photoshop artist has turned her into some kind of porcelain doll. I think the one on the right looks a bit creepy, to be honest.


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I think this one is less realistic than some of the others. The hair in the right pic is a giveaway – it looks very one-dimensional.


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