18 Photos Of Kate Middleton You Will NEVER Have Seen Before Now!

18 Photos Of Kate Middleton You Will NEVER Have Seen Before Now!

Since William met Kate, it has been an epic love story to end all love stories. Although the two royals are quite private when it comes to their personal lives, we have still watched them grow and become the fabulous people they are today. Kate Middleton is everyone’s favorite royal lady – with stunning good looks and a heart of gold. I’m pretty sure that you’d like to see loads of pictures of her, right? Here are some that you may not have seen before now!

1. Kate as a child

Kate can only be about five years old here, but you can already see that she will have a cheeky grin on her face in no time at all. This is a candid family photo if ever I saw one.

2. The family holiday

Family vacations abroad were very much a part of Kate’s childhood when she was growing up. The young girl got her first taste of various cultures at a very early age, which is why she is so clever.

3. Sisterly love

Here is Kate supporting her sister at her book launch. Family has always been important to her and you can see that she would do pretty much anything for the important people in her life.

4. Kate – aged six!

At just six years old, Kate was already a great beauty. Her family did not know it then, but this little girl was destined for great things.

5. Kate at St. Andrews

As you probably know, William and Kate met when they went to St. Andrews together. The two of them are both highly intelligent, and so it makes sense that they would make a connection!

6. The sporty side of Kate

Did you know this about the Duchess of Cambridge? She is actually a very sporty lady. Here she is taking part in a boating challenge with a group of people.

7. Here she is relaxing

Of course, she now has many royal duties to which she has to attend. Still, it’s great to see that Kate still manages to find the time to relax and take a few minutes for herself.

8. When she and Will wore matching suits

Aren’t these two just adorable? When you see them together, it’s clear that they really have a connection. I have to say, I just LOVE their fashion sense.

9. A touching moment

From a distance, Kate seems that she is a very affectionate person. It would seem that being royal has not even changed her the slightest bit.

10. The happy couple

As soon as these two met, it was clear that there was a very special bond between them. Here they are looking totally loved up in the early 2000s.

11. Blast from the past!

Kate has always managed to look ultra stylish no matter where she is or what she’s doing. Here she is in the 2000s, rocking the style of the time.

12. Looking flawless!

It looks as though Kate does not even know that she’s having her photo taken here, and yet she has still managed to look absolutely flawless. How does she do it?

13. The RBS Six Nations

We already know that Kate enjoys playing sports, but what about watching them too? Here she is at the RBS Six Nations cheering along England.

14. Kate at a roller disco!

When she’s not enjoying herself watching sports, she knows how to relax and have a good time. Here she is way back in 2008 at a roller disco.


15. The look of love!

When you see the way that these two actually look at one another, it’s truly adorable. They are so very clearly in love that there’s not much else to it. Meant to be.

16. Looking a little shy here

Of course, being in the limelight all the time is no easy job. Poor old Kate must get a little shy from time to time. Here she is after they just got engaged.

17. Her engagement ring

Have you had a close look at this ring before now? It is one of the most stunning pieces of jewellery you will have ever seen. Nice choice, Kate!

18. Effortless style

One of the greatest things about this woman is the fact that she can look effortlessly stylish. She seems completely unaware that she’s being photographed here, yet she looks fabulous.

Here are some of William and Kate’s best moments:

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