18 Hilariously Clever Life Hacks To Brighten Your Day

18 Hilariously Clever Life Hacks To Brighten Your Day

We all love a good hack but these go beyond your typical handy-dandy trick. Some of them even cut right to the chase and make the problem go away because that’s what a good hack does, solves a problem! Even so, I have to admit that I wish I could be as clever as some of these people who just don’t care about convention and do stuff such as using their hair as a sleeping mask and their hairbrush as a side mirror on their car! You’ll know what I mean when you take a look at these photos which reveal a world that I definitely want to be a part of! That is, one that is full of great ideas and full of those who use whatever means necessary to make the cut!

The point is, there are many ways to approach life and some people like to take the long and difficult road while others want to just get stuff done so that they can move on. Also, there are plenty of people in both categories but it takes a lot of courage to be the one who comes up with something that makes others stand up and take notice.  When they do, it is no longer a question of whether or not these ideas are silly because the fact is, they get the job done and that’s all that really matters. Admit it, deep down, you wish you were a hacker too! Now, you can be!  Not only will these make you smile and wonder why you didn’t think of that yourself but you will also be inspired to just hack away in your everyday life!

So, let’s see if you are as impressed as I am with some of the ingenious hacks:

1. A balcony pool!

I would be nervous about what the landlord says about this one but in the meantime, what a way to cool off!

2. Rainy day BBQ.

Whatever it takes to cook up some beef on the weekends.

3. Overheated computer.

Use a bigger fan to cool down that computer and keep playing your games!

4. Use the mirror on your hairbrush.

This is a quick fit until you’re able to get a new side view mirror.  For me, that would be months from now!

5. Frame your angry art!

There are plenty of hole that I wish I had the nerve to take credit for!

6. Lazy man’s concert.

Don’t worry about having to stand up at the show any longer!  Just bring your stick and camera and watch it later from the couch.

7. Fixing the soap dispenser.

This outta hold for a while. What a great idea!

8. His third arm.

This is a great way to text in class when you are not supposed to. Don’t let school keep you from your online social life!

9. A clean window is important.

But who wants to clean it? Now, you can just strap on one of these sponges to do the job for you.

10. Heel bottle opener.

I’m surprised that no one has tried this before.

11. Grease splatter protection.

I’m always nervous around the frying pan because I don’t want to get burned. With this, there are no worries!

12. Diving into the ocean.

Ever want to dive in? Now, you can just bring your own diving board.  It’s the perfect solution!

13. Out of cups?

For me, it’s a question of wanting to wash a dirty cup or not.  Now, I don’t have to!

14. Public napping.

Of course, you have to have long hair to achieve this, but if you do, just cover up whenever you want to take a nap!

15. Saving seeds.

When you have nowhere else to put your seeds, do this!

16. Plunger on the ride home.

A plunger is a great way to keep your balance during these rides.

17. A plunger on the beach.

Another great way to use this toilet device! A soda holder on the beach. It probably insulates against the heat as well.

18. Sleepy soda.

When you just want to lay down flat and STILL sip from your soda.  A well deserved beverage indeed!