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We’re always being told that young people have all the fun, and there’s a stereotype that old people are miserable all the time.

Where in the heck did that come from, that’s what I wanna know! Because getting older is the best! Trust me, life keeps on improving, getting better and better once you have passed a certain age. Then it gets very suddenly worse. But you don’t have to worry about that, because you’ll be dead in about ten freakin’ minutes.

But seriously people, I don’t get why everyone is so worried about this whole getting older situation, and why they’re so down about it.

After all, if you’re worried about getting older, just it means you haven’t done it yet! Here are a few reasons why getting old is just THE BEST!

The amazing joy of senior discounts

Does anybody else live their life according to where you can get the best discounts? It’s no different when you get older, trust me!

You couldn’t give less of a damn what others think about you

As if you ever listened to anybody’s opinion! You just don’t care anymore, and it’s a relief to let go of all that! So you get to speak your mind a lot more because of that. Isn’t that something everyone wants?

No more worrying about how things will “turn out”

After the age of about 50 or so, most of life’s major questions have now been answered! Will I find the right life partner? Will I have kids? Will everything be okay? For better or worse, you’ve already found the answer!

Fewer major life decisions to make

Whether to go to college? You’ve been there, done that. What to study? You know all there is to know. Career? Already chosen and doing good on that front. Mortgage? Paid off. Whether to have kids? Done it, and they’re freakin’ annoying. That’s pretty much all the boxes ticked and in the past!

By the time you’re older, you’ll have faced most of the hurdles life throws at you and come through

Well, you’re still here aren’t you? There aren’t so many uphill battles, it’s all downhill from here, baby! Woo!

More mature relationships

Unless you’re dating me of course! I’m just kidding, I’m married. Dating in the later part of your life is much easier and not so full of needless drama than when you were younger. And who likes drama! Apart from young people, of course.

You’ve gotten yourself a career

If you have most of your working life behind you, the only thing that’s on your mind is when you’ll get to retire. No matter what you’ve done with your career, at least you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to do with your life! With unemployment on the rise these days, it’s not a concern you need to have!

You have less pressure to look a certain way

After all, looks aren’t everything! If a younger person’s outfit isn’t worth 10 out of 10 it’s the end of the world. If yours isn’t, it’s just the end of another Tuesday.

Ain’t nothing wrong with a 9:30pm bedtime!

You understand the value of a good night’s sleep. How do these younger folks get by staying up until the early hours of the morning anyway?

Being considered wise

People ask you advice, and you can say whatever you want and they’ll probably listen! Give ‘em the worst advice possible! After all, it’s their lookout if they follow it!

You watched all the good TV shows and movies

Seen ‘em already!

Dressing for comfort

Like I said, looks just aren’t important, so it’s practicality not style that comes first and foremost.

Stable friendships

Those flaky friends that you had earlier in your life have all flaked off and they’re doing their own disastrous thing now. The ones you kept around, you kept around for a reason. Friendship works both ways too, so they kept in touch with you for a reason too! It’s all one big happy friendship family when you get older!

Having children, and grandchildren!

With kids, no matter what age you are, you get to see everything through their eyes! The added bonus when you’re a grandparent is, it’s not your decision to make! So you get a wonderful gift without any of the heartache.

Concerts are much better now

You know all the best old bands… and you get to sit down! Yes, sitting at concerts is perfectly acceptable when you’re older.

No more house moves!

That is a GIANT pain in the ass, and we all know it. Well, not anymore! You settled down years ago!

No more PMS

Yep, your body has done its baby making thing, no need for all the cr*p that comes with it now!


Need I say any more?

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