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The lengths that we go to for the sake of looking good is frankly ridiculous. Applying makeup every day can be a chore, but if that’s what makes you feel good about yourself, then obviously you’re gonna want to do it!

There are a few things you should know that will make your life much easier however.

After all, if you mess up your make up, that’s basically your whole day gone to cr*p already. Sure you can fix or re-apply it, but you’ve basically got to carry a mistake around on your face for the rest of the day.

Make sure that doesn’t happen with these helpful hints, and you might even learn a couple of shortcuts and techniques along the way too!

First off, you can remove make up naturally and easily with this stuff

Yep, a substitute for harsh chemical makeup removers is good ol’ coconut oil. Is there anything that stuff can’t do?

Banish that cakey looking foundation

Foundation is definitely a tricky thing to get right every time. But follow the simple tips in the video below, and you’ll be seeing professional looking results in no time!

Fake your way to fuller looking brows!

Some tips to success? Brush your eyebrow hairs upward, so you can see your natural brow line. Then use a neutral eyebrow powder and angled eyebrow brush to fill in your brows, with a color that matches your eyebrows using little strokes. Brush your brows back down and fill in the top part of your brow, beginning to create a line. One final tip is to focus upon highlighting your natural shape, and don’t go outside it!

Get the perfect eye shadow every single time

Get your eyeliner exactly right each and every time with these handy hints, hacks and tips!

Get an easy to achieve matte lipstick look

Try blotting your lips with tissue and re-applying your lipstick a couple of times, or even applying a little face powder on top of your lipstick for a glamorous matte finish!

Reduce the appearance of pores with this neat tip

This simple hack will have you looking glowing in no time: give it a try!

Get a flawless manicured look at home – without having to spend salon prices!

That’s right, all it takes is a little Vaseline – this tip works wonders!

Hide those undyed roots fast with this tip!

Have you considered trying out a tinted dry shampoo? It works wonders in between dying applications, and it certainly prevents your hair from getting too oily. Disguise any roots effortlessly, and in seconds!

Use a bobby pin as a contouring guide

If you’ve experimented with contouring, then you know how risky business that business can be. Pull it off, and you’re looking incredible! Mess it up, and it’s painfully obvious for all to see. But to get an effortless looking nose contour, all you need is a simple guideline, using a stretched-open bobby pin.

You’ll never do a ponytail the same way after doing this!

We love a good ponytail! It’s a simple and stylish go-to hair look, but how can you get it looking full and perky each and every time? After all, nobody likes a flat ponytail! Well, once simple try is to try sticking two bobby pins under your pony! This will help to keep it propped up against the pressures of the day!

Keep your skin beautifully smooth

Beat dry skin with a handheld razor like an eyebrow razor, gently running it over your face in short, upward strokes. Team it with your usual skincare products, which should now even soak deeper into your skin!

You’ll want to try this DIY highlighter

Did you know you can make your very own highlighter at home, for a fraction of the price you’ll pay in stores? Check this video out for tips on how to do it!

Get gorgeous curls with this simple hack!

When you’re fresh out of the shower, don’t wrap your hair in a towel! Regular bath towels just work to encourage frizz. Instead, try using an old t-shirt to dry your hair for a curly look to die for!

Put those bobby pins to good use for a change!

If your hair can’t hold on to a bobby pin for more than ten seconds, you might be putting them in wrong! Just make sure you’re putting them in your hair bumpy side down. These are the grips of the pin, so they will help everything to remain in place.

Nail that winged eyeliner look!

It’s every makeup lover’s goal, right? Achieving that perfect cat eye flick. Usually, it’s a heck of a daunting task to get right, but not if you have some masking tape on hand. Maybe that sounds a little weird, but putting a piece of tape at the corner of your eye is just the guideline that will see you through, and avoid messy lines.

This weird make up tool will revolutionize your regime

I know right, a spoon? But that thing can help you to contour, it can curl your lashes, it can even get rid of those unsightly bags from under your eyes! You’ll always want to carry one in your make up bag if you use it to its full potential!

Ditch those facial cleansers in favor of this trick!

Instead of using soap to wash your face, try an olive oil, honey and baking soda face mask twice per week. The olive oil and honey moisturizes and soothes dry, irritated skin, while the baking soda makes a paste that you can rub on your face!