37 Times British Foods Confused The Rest Of The World

37 Times British Foods Confused The Rest Of The World

Okay, so we’re not Italy with it’s delicious pasta or France with it’s amazing bread and pastries but we Brits have a lot to offer the world when it comes to the culinary arts. Unfortunately, not all of you will understand all of the great food we’ve got to give you and that’s okay. We’re fine with being a little confusing, in fact we kind of love it. That’s why we’ve found these 17 times that British food confused the world that we’re actually kind of proud of.

1. Yorkshire pudding is not a dessert!

I know it sounds like a dessert, but Yorkshire pudding is actually a delicious savoury treat made out of a mix that’s similar to pancake batter. And it’s freakin’ amazing!

2. Black pudding isn’t a dessert either

Black pudding is a bit of an acquired taste and not for the squeamish.

3. Beans on toast is wonderful and you need to try it

Seriously, what do you people do without beans on toast? I can’t imagine life without it!

4. That being said, pretty much anything involving toast is perfection.

Yes, we are obsessed, no, we’re not sorry.

5. If you’re not British, classic dishes like “roast chicken and yorkshire pudding” might confuse you.

FYI you do NOT try to cook them both at the same time in the same pan. That’s just wrong.

6. If you’re from outside of the UK you will not know what a ‘chip butty’ actually is.

To be fair, we have so many names for it, we don’t even know what it is half the time.

7. Spotted dick is a thing and it’s a wonderful thing

And it’s a dessert, not what you think it is, you filthy lot.

8. Colin The Caterpillar is the most popular insect in Britain

He’s been invited to more parties than anyone in the world and nobody is every unhappy to see him. We love that many-legged, chocolate darling.

9. The time an American tried to eat Marmite out of the jar

That was the worst idea anyone has ever had ever.

10. Apparently Americans don’t use egg cups?

But how do you eat your egg and soldiers? This baffles me!

11. Although apparently Americans also don’t eat soft boiled eggs, so an egg cup is not necessary.

Which means there are no eggs and soldiers at all, which any Brit will just find sad.

12. The Sunday Roast is sacred and it’s all we want to eat on a Sunday.

If that photo doesn’t look like a perfect Sunday to you, you’re not British.

13. We have to boost the power at certain times because everyone makes a cup of tea.

Those electric kettles use up a heck of a lot of energy, you know, and we need our evening brew!

14. We don’t call them ketchup and HP sauce, we call them red and brown sauce.

Ask someone to pass you the HP sauce and you will get some very blank stares. Just use the colour and you’ll be fine. Although, this does not apply to mustard.

15. No, my American friends, a haggis is not a creature native to Scotland.

It’s a food. A Scottish food. And Scots will fight you if you say you’re not impressed by it.

16. But none of us know what a scotch egg is.

We know we love them, we know they’ve got an egg in them, the rest of the ingredients are a total mystery!

17. Sorry, but our chocolate is better than yours.

And to that kid who said Hersheys chocolate is better than Dairy Milk, you are wrong. So, so wrong. Sort your tastebuds out.

18. Jelly and Ice Cream.

It’s not that ice cream is not enough, but we Brits love to spruce up even this delicious treat!

19. When in doubt, add batter!

There’s no need to worry when you have some batter to add to the mix of any meal! Now, we just need to come up with a good name for it. Oh yeah, toad in a hole! Pretty simple.

20. Mushy, green peas.

What looks like green slime to the rest of the world is Friday night dinner for us!

21. Chips covered in gravy.

Of course, by chips, we mean fries, according to the rest of the world. Even so, who lathers chips with ketchup?

22. Or chips and curry sauce.

Basically, anything that is NOT ketchup and it normally has to have a brown color to it.

23. Every cheese on every cracker.

We are the envy of the world when it comes to this midday snack!

24. Fish finger sandwich.

Most would just eat these fish fingers on their own, but with us, we love them in a sandwich!

25. All toastie sandwiches

Speaking of sandwiches, any like this is considered a masterpiece!

26. Evaporated milk and jelly.

This is a pretty common thing to do for us but for the rest of the world, it looks pretty strange!

27. Cheese and toast.

Admittedly, we do put a lot of stuff on toast. So much so that it seems like there no end to it! However, this cheesy hot combination is well worth the criticism we may receive.  Try it! It’s delicious!

28. Pie crumble with custard

This is a delicious combination that you can do at home which can’t be beat. There’s no point going out after making this dish.

29. Black Pudding.

Nope, it’s actually  a type of blood sausage that  is mostly made from pork fat or beef suet, pork blood and lots of oatmeal,

30. Beans, beans and more beans!

We also tend to put beans on everything that we eat. I know that most of world feels as if this is excessive but to us, it’s quite normal.

31. Awkward pancake breakfast.

Awkward if you’ve never tried it. In fact, it’s pretty fantastic and can be eaten at any time of the day.

32. Potato faces.

These are not only fun to eat but they are fun to look at too! There’s no point in making every meal a bore! That’s what’s so great about Brits, their food is never a bore.

33. Iced buns.

This is similar to a donut, I suppose but it tastes so much different! Just add white icing to a hot dog bun. You won’t regret it!

34. Crisp sandwich.

Admit it! This is becoming a thing worldwide! Just pour them between two slices of bread for a crispy delight!

35. Pork pies.

Yes, they are about as bad as they look but we can’t get enough of them in our picnic baskets! It is a mixture of salt and meat, all wrapped up in a  jelly.

36. Stargazey Pie.

This is a pastry dish topped with fish heads. Also the fish heads are to be positioned skyward. The reason for this is so that the oils from the fish while it’s cooking can run back down into the pie.

37. Haggis.


Although some people believe that haggis is an animal, I can assure you that it is not. In fact, it is merely a dish that is made up of several parts of animal. Although, mostly it contains a sheep’s heart, liver and lungs which are soaked in stock and then boiled in either sausage skin or sheep’s stomach. It sounds gross, but it’s great!

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Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/08/27/13-disgusting-foods-that-brits-absolutely-love-6865993/?ito=cbshare

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