17 Things Only A True Queen Of Sarcasm Will Understand

17 Things Only A True Queen Of Sarcasm Will Understand

There are some people who say that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

But then again, the people who say that aren’t sarcastic and they simply don’t understand the artistic craft that goes into being sarcastic.

Sarcasm is an art form that only a few people can master, and I am the Queen of Sarcasm!

There are a lot of things about being sarcastic that many people just don’t understand.

They don’t understand how we struggle to keep our sarcastic comments to ourselves, how it becomes an impulse (especially if we’re in a meeting).

Sarcasm is our life source, and as much as we hate it at times, we ultimately can’t live without it.

It’s a part of us, it’s like a limb.

Here are a few things only true masters of sarcasm will understand!


You are a gullible person’s worst nightmare. You struggle to keep your comments to yourself, but at the same time you love them because they provide you with such good material to work with!


Self-censorship is not your strongest characteristic.

Why try to censor some of your best advice?


There are times when your friends rely on your sarcasm because they need to hear the truth, but then there are times where they want to rip your head off because of it


Texting can be one of the biggest challenges because nobody can tell what tone your writing in.


Everybody comes to you when they need a dry but comical Instagram caption. It’s your area of expertise!


…But then they get very disappointed because, again, nobody can sense your tone in writing.


You know you’ve found a keeper when somebody can keep up with your sarcasm


You get mildly offended when people assume you must be a bitch because you are sarcastic.

They aren’t mutually exclusive, people!


Feeling emotions can be incredibly difficult at the very least…


There are pieces of toast out there with more emotion than us.


You’re used to hearing, “you’re kidding right?” and “are you serious?” and “are you being sarcastic right now?”

It’s a very popular catchphrase amongst your friends.


You can tell when people are pretending that they understand your humor but they really have zero idea what is going on.


Tackling things like interviews, first dates and first impressions is really tricky for you.


When you’ve tried to go a certain amount of time without being sarcastic you realize that a life without sarcasm is a life not worth living…


Nothing annoys you more than when people ask if you can “please be serious for a minute.”


Your best friends are able to throw sarcasm back at you with perfect ease and you love it! They’re your people after all!


You figure that life is too short to be taken seriously, so you take it sarcastically. It makes everything much easier!

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