17 Strange Things Discovered At Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

17 Strange Things Discovered At Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

Whether you like his music or not, we can all agree that Michael Jackson was one of the most gifted performers of the 21st century.

What a lot of people can’t agree on however, was Jackson’s lifestyle.

Some say that he was the product of an abusive upbringing, that he lived his life trying to chase a lost childhood. Other people say he was an eccentric, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Then some people say there was something more sinister to his character, that his child-like behavior kept hidden.

Whatever you believe about him, in the years since his untimely death in 2009, he has remained one of the most popular musicians in the world, and interest around both his work and his personal life is great.

The King of Pop sold millions of albums, and his success earned him enough money to be able to create his own personal paradise.

That was the Neverland ranch, which featured his own theme park, concert venue and zoo, named after the fantasy island where Peter Pan and his lost boys lived.

The 3,000 acre property held plenty of entertainment, but it also held more than it’s fair share of secrets.

Prior to his trial in 2005, police were handed a warrant to raid this estate. What they found was unbelievable. Here are some picks of what his home contained:

1. A drawing of Michael leading a whole group of kids through a park

There he is in his stage wear looking kinda like a Pied Piper.

2. Life-sized dolls of children

Apparently, they were totally realistic and even fully poseable.

3. Fairy children statues

Is this creepy, or just in keeping with the Neverland theme?

4. A ferris wheel

Like we said, he had his own personal theme park, even featuring a big wheel.

5. A fortune teller automaton

Let’s face it, if you saw this in anybody’s house, you would run a freakin’ mile. It looks like it’s haunted.

6. Elephants

Yep, real life elephants. Well, he did have a zoo, what else would you expect to find in a zoo?

7. Giraffes, of course

Well now I guess that was a stupid question. But it’s still a pretty bizarre thing to have at home, right?

8. This door knocker, in the shape of two boys kissing

Seriously, if you saw this in somebody’s house, you would have every right to be suspicious of them, surely?

9. A life sized Power Ranger

You wouldn’t catch me sleeping in the same place as that thing, it looks like it’s gonna come to life any second now!

10. His own golden throne

Can you imagine Michael Jackson kicking back on that thing, watching a box set at the weekend?

11. Not just one passenger train… but two

It was a transit system for getting around the huge ranch.

12. Alpacas

Just in case those giraffes got bored of hanging around with elephants all day, I suppose.

13. Statues of half naked boys

Sure, this isn’t as weird as the kissing door knocker… but it’s still pretty strange, you’ve got to admit!

14. Bumper cars

More theme park stuff. Imagine living somewhere you could go out in the back yard and have a round of bumper cars.

15. This kinda freaky carousel

I don’t know what it is about carousels… maybe it’s the carnival music… maybe it’s the frozen faces… they just don’t sit right with me.

16. The full-sized concert venue

As far as we can tell, the Santa Barbara venue was never used to stage a show, so it just stands there empty.

17. Just a heard of cows

Nothing major.

So what do you think of Michael Jackson’s possessions? Whatever you think of his music, you’ve got to admit some of that stuff is pretty creepy, right? Or did he earn the right to buy whatever he wanted and live however he wanted through the records he sold?

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