17 Reasons Why Showering At Night Is So Much Better Than Showering In The Morning

17 Reasons Why Showering At Night Is So Much Better Than Showering In The Morning

Showering at night is the right choice. I know that so, so many of you out there will disagree with me and say that showering in the morning is the best choice but guess what? You’re wrong! And here are seventeen reasons why showering at night is the best choice, whether you like it or not!

1. You can get ready so much quicker

Getting a proper shower takes so much time, time that you could be spending relaxing and enjoying your morning routine. Being ready so much quicker, means so much less stress.

2. It prepares you for a good nights sleep

Working a shower into your bedtime routine leaves you feeling relaxed and clean and ready to sleep. You’ll never sleep better, trust me.

3. When you’re feeling alert from your shower, you can also prep for tomorrow

Prep your outfit, prep your lunch, prep your entire life, post-shower time is prep time and that makes your morning even easier!

4. You have timefor the perfect blow dry

You don’t have to rush drying your hair and leave the house with half wet, un-styled hair! Take as long as you want to dry and style those luscious locks!

5. You don’t need a shower to wake you up in the morning

I know you say that it wakes you up in the morning, but you can get by without it if you just wash your face properly! Get a grip!

6. You don’t get morning panda eyes if you shower at night.

If you’re not the best at taking off your make up, then you’re going to get panda eyes in the shower, so if you shower in the morning you’re going to have to wash your face again anyway. If you shower at night you can fix up those panda eyes on your own.

7. You can spend as much time in the shower as you want

Nobody else is waiting for you to get out of the bathroom so you can spend as much time as you want in the nice warm water, getting clean, relaxing and singing your heart out!

8. You get to stay in bed for longer.

Seriously, what more could you want than more sleep? I want more sleep, and that’s why I shower at night, rather than having to get up earlier in the morning to shower then. If more sleep won’t convince you then nothing will?

9. You don’t have to wait for the shower

Everyone wants to get into the bathroom in the morning so if you want a shower, you’d better be the first person in the queue or you’re not getting to work on time. You know who doesn’t have to deal with that? People who shower at night.


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