17 Oddly Satisfying Images That Will Soothe Your Soul

17 Oddly Satisfying Images That Will Soothe Your Soul

Sometimes you can feel calmer just by looking at an image. There’s something about some photos, like a calm lake, or a warm beach, or maybe a tranquil sunset that will fill you with a warm fuzzy glow.

Everybody gets it. But then there are other images, that shouldn’t really make us feel like that, but they do.

I’m talking about oddly satisfying images that bring a sense of order and calm to our souls. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s colors which just kinda blend together. Maybe it’s repeated patterns. Then again maybe it’s something else.

These images are just so serene and calming because they’re perfectly unspoiled. They’re like that perfect glaze of icing across the top of a cake, before anybody has dived in with their fork or cut it up.

From time to time though, we look at an image of perfection, and want to destroy it. A frozen lake? I wanna smash it! A symmetrical house of cards? I wanna blow on it, or push it over!

That’s the weird thing about some satisfying images, and why they’re so soothing. You just want to look at them all day. You just want thing thing that’s happening to keep on happening, the pattern to keep on repeating. Just drink it all in folks, you don’t want it to stop.

If you’re having a hard day and you’re feeling stressed, take a few minutes to look through these images and I guarantee you’ll be feeling better in no time.

Go put on a pot of coffee, come back and scroll through the beautiful repetition of these patterns, and the calming nature of these colors. Some things are natural, some are really carefully constructed by people, and some are just sheer blissful coincidence.

Either way, get ready to feel some satisfaction in your soul as we count through 17 of the most oddly satisfying photos ever taken! Ready? Let’s go!

Wow look at that delicious looking coffee! Makes me wanna put my hands around that warm cup

Oh yeah

Ooooh that’s the good stuff

That’s it, right there!

Don’t stop

So soothing! I need this in my kitchen!

The way the snow and ice slid down this play park slide is literally perfection

All is well with the world

Everything is right in the universe

I feel calmer just looking at this produce display

Whoever did this needs a medal!

The perfect fit… even if that toilet seat is sending me off the deep end a little

So snug!

It’s like it was meant to be!

Wow look at these heart shaped cats!

These wires are a work of art

Oh my goodness, so satisfying!

Have you ever seen anything so satisfying that you just had to take a photo of it? We would LOVE to see it!

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