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Maternity photos are a popular way to celebrate the imminent arrival of your adorable new little bundle of joy. You share them with your friends and family and make everyone smile at the thought of the new life that’s about to enter the world. That’s how things should go, anyway. Sometimes, your sweet maternity photoshoot becomes something that should never see the light of day ever again. Check out these cringeworthy maternity photo fails.

1. You know what this maternity shoot needs?

Of course! It needs curtains! Because why wouldn’t it need curtains?

2. That creek does not look clean…

And is that outfit made out of old trash bags? This whole thing is just gross.

3. That’s real classy, you two.

He looks so proud of himself too. I’m sure your baby will be thrilled to know that this is how you welcomed them into the world.

4. There’s so much wrong here

Is he trying to escape from his new family on a toy car? Is she keeping him captive somehow? Why is nobody wearing any shoes?!

5. It’s a boy! …A Beach Boy.

Are you pickin’ up good vibrations from this one?

6. Is this meant to be sexy? Because I really don’t get it.

Let’s be honest, it’s hard enough to walk around in heels like that without a baby belly knocking off your balance. Maybe he’s just helping her get from A to B?

7. Is that a stalker?

You might want to call the police because that guy’s been following you around and watching you all day now.

8. This one took me a minute

Then I realised what they were trying to say and now I’m more disappointed than ever.

9. What is the feather for?

Like this picture is already pretty weird but then the feather? What and why?

10. Well, if that’s what you’re into…

I mean, if you’re into this that’s your business but why on Earth would you show this to anybody? And then to let it get onto the internet? Those are some bad choices you made there, guys.

11. Are you really sure you should be drinking that?

I mean, seriously, you are very pregnant and all.

12. Have a little faith

Is he just praying that the baby’s really his?

13. Plastic wrap? Are you a woman or a sandwich?

At what point did anyone think that this was a good idea? Because they were wrong. Very wrong.

14. I really hope the baby ends up looking like this

If not then there’s going to be some very awkward questions about who that baby is. As if the bad photoshop job wasn’t awkward enough.

15. Yeah, I’m pretty confused too.

I’ve honestly got more questions than answers right now.

16. Is this how they handle pregnancies at the Playboy mansion?

Or is this just their way of saying that they’ve been “at it like rabbits”?

17. I really hope the baby doesn’t look like that.

Also, why has she painted the baby poking out of a pair of jeans when she’s wearing pink yoga pants? And why did he think being down there would make a good picture? Just why?

So those are some of the weirdest maternity photos we’ve ever seen! Have you ever done a maternity photoshoot that turned out much cooler than these? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to share this with your family and friends, just make sure they don’t take any inspiration for their own maternity photos!